Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Uchi-Mata Martech Games Ltd 36% (Issue 39, p114) There's some playability there, but it's spoiled by its graphics and playing control.
U.G.H.! Softek Software International Ltd  61% (Issue 7, p14) Above average, original but lacking addictivity.
Ultima Ratio Firebird Software Ltd 34% (Issue 43, p29) An uninteresting shoot-'em-up.
Ultimate: The Collected Works Ultimate Play The Game 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 56, p86)  One of the best compilations you could ever buy!
Ultimate Combat Mission, The  Mastertronic Added Dimension 87% (Issue 47, p128) An addictive, mindlessly violent shoot-'em-up.
Underwurlde Ultimate Play The Game 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 12, p17) Excellent.
United CCS 53% (Issue 7, p45) Above average on strategies, poorer on the graphics but overall an enjoyable simulation.
Universal Hero Mastertronic Ltd 83% (Issue 33, p126) Well done Mastertronic!
U.N. Squadron US Gold Ltd 83% (Issue 83, p65) A devilishly playable blast-'em-up to challenge the stamina of both player and joystick!
Untouchables, The Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 70, p46) A winning, large, action-packed shoot-out in an Untouchable class of its own.
Untouchables, The Ocean Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 92, p60) If it isn't in your software library soon you're completely hatstand.
Urban Upstart Richard Shepherd Software Ltd 64% (Issue 3, p38) Above average.
Uridium Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p20) A very worthy version of a fast-moving shoot em up.
Uridium Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 56, p86) Almost unique - at £2.99 it's a steal.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum