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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Labours of Hercules, The  Terry Taylor 73% (Issue 45, p92) Interesting theme and plot.
Labyrinthion Budgie Budget Software 60% (Issue 31, p108) Not a bad game for the money.
Lamberley Mystery, The Zenobi Software 73% (Issue 91, p54) This is a fairly simple game, very linear.
Lancelot Mandarin Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 60, p52) Technically superb with fluent play makes this a very fine adventure.
Landfall on Rollus Clwyd Adventure Software 62% (Issue 38, p93) Assumes a lot of patience on the part of the player.
Language Vocabularies Options International (Issue 35, p59) Useful for the serious student, but unlikely to have much appeal for school pupils.
Lap of the Gods Mastertronic Ltd 80% (Issue 33, p124) A very good game, especially for the low price.
Laser Genius Ocean Software Ltd (Issue 30, p94) This is streets ahead of the competition, and should make it possible to write programs on the Spectrum which - previously - would have simply been impossible to test and finish properly.
Laser Squad Target Games Ltd 89% (Issue 59, p103) An excellent expansion of a classic.
Laserwarp Mikro-Gen Ltd 77% (Issue 2, p41) Very good.
Laser Wheel Mastertronic Added Dimension  43% (Issue 47, p126) A boring sprite-blaster.
Laser Zone Quicksilva Ltd 81% (Issue 3, p20) Very good, highly addictive for shoot em up fans.
Last Commando, The Dinamic Software 65% (Issue 96, p64) A classic game style your software collection shouldn't be without.
Last Duel US Gold Ltd 70% (Issue 61, p17) Don't be fooled by the car - this is not a driving game, but an above average shoot-'em-up.
Last Mission, The Opera Soft S.A. 48% (Issue 44, p24) An unimpressive shoot-'em-up.
Last Ninja 2 System 3 Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p188)  Not just a beautiful graphics demonstration but an excellent, playable arcade adventure/beat-'em-up.
Last Ninja 2 System 3 Software Ltd 81% (Issue 98, p80) A scream once you've sussed out those overwhelming controls.
Last Ninja 2 Remix System 3 Software Ltd 70% (Issue 84, p76) If you don't own a copy this is a good opportunity to see a great bit of Speccy gaming.
Last Vampire, The Atlantis Software Ltd 72% (Issue 80, p44) This is another excellent arcade adventure.
Last Word, The v1.1 Myrmidon Software (Issue 31, p96) It may take some getting used to, but once mastered it performs beautifully.
Las Vegas Casino Zeppelin Games Ltd 26% (Issue 61, p67) Highly recommended, in fact, as an antidote to the perils of gambling.
Lawn Tennis Mastertronic Added Dimension 23% (Issue 51, p110) A poor attempt to simulate a sport which can be simulated well - with an absurd control method.
Lazer Tag Go! 59% (Issue 53, p12) Nothing more than a simple shoot 'em up.
Lazy Jones Terminal Software 63% (Issue 14, p12) A novel way of presenting a games compendium, but an average game in itself which would prove to be of good value to younger players.
Leaderboard US Gold Ltd 80% (Issue 39, p16) An excellent golfing simulation.
Leaderboard US Gold Ltd 83% (Issue 61, p38) Hardened golf fans might be more interested in the Leader Board Par 3 compilation.
Leaderboard Par 3 US Gold Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 57, p14) The ultimate golf compilation - what more could any budding Nick Faldo (not Roberts!) want?
League Challenge Atlantis Software Ltd 28% (Issue 38, p112) A frustratingly tedious football management simulation.
Learning to Read Music Rose Software (Issue 16, p62) Tries to cope with too wide a range of abilities in one package.
Learning with Leeper Software Projects Ltd (Issue 16, p105) Rather dull and uninspiring.
Learn to Read 1 Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 25, p45) A professional series of programs which are highly recommended
Learn to Read 2 Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 25, p45) A professional series of programs which are highly recommended.
Learn to Read 3 Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 25, p45) A professional series of programs which are highly recommended.
Learn to Read 4 Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 25, p45) A professional series of programs which are highly recommended.
Learn To Read 5 Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 25, p45) A professional series of programs which are highly recommended
L.E.D. Storm Go! 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 61, p12) A beautifully presented driving game that plays as good as it looks.
L.E.D. Storm Go! 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 91, p65) You would be very silly indead not to add this game to your collection.
Lee Enfield is Space Ace Infogrames 49% (Issue 52, p16) Complexity at the expense of playability.
Left Right, Left Right I.E.C. Software (Issue 27, p53) All of these games are extremely simple, with attractive and colourful graphics.
Legend of Apache Gold Incentive Software Ltd 88% (Issue 38, p90) Good.
Legend of Avalon, The Hewson Consultants Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p50) Excellent
Legend of Kage Imagine Software Ltd 50% (Issue 37, p109) A big disappointment for fans of the arcade machine.
Legend of the Amazon Women  US Gold Ltd 70% (Issue 29, p116) Adequate fodder for fighting freaks.
Legions of Death MC Lothlorien Ltd 84% (Issue 37, p97) An interesting and good-looking game.
Lemmings Psygnosis Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 94, p14) Psygnosis have done the impossible by squeezing Lemmings into the Spectrum. It may be monochrome but it's an excellent conversion.
Leonardo Creative Sparks (Issue 17, p93) Programmed Drawing facility which provides routine drawing of figures and patterns.
Leonardo Creative Sparks (Issue 18, p94) Very user friendly with its many menus and tables.
Lernon Esperanto Lez Peranto Ltd (Issue 33, p113) All in all, this package is bursting at the seams with information and is well worth getting if you are interested in mastering Esperanto. There's even a brain-twisting arithmetical puzzle game thrown in for free - Flipit 86.
Les Flics PSS 75% (Issue 6, p107) Very good.
Letaset Eclipse Software (Issue 21, p21) I'm not too certain of it's practical uses outside that of providing interesting title screens for programs.
Letter Writer Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) This program provides a useful aid for reinforcing letter writing skills.
Level 5 Mastertronic Ltd 53% (Issue 47, p127) A simple maze game - but perhaps too simple, and spoiled by its graphics.
Leviathan English Software 52% (Issue 43, p84) A fairly enjoyable Zaxxon-type game with some visual problems.
Licence to Kill, A Domark Ltd 80% (Issue 68, p46) Good adaption of the film, playable when you're used to the difficulty level.
Light Corridor, The Infogrames 87% (Issue 86, p47) A highly addictive game that give the Break Out theme a whole new lease of life.
Lightforce Faster Than Light 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 34, p16) State of the art shoot 'em up.
Lightforce Faster Than Light 82% (Issue 58, p111) A highly playable blast-'em-up.
Light Magic Graphics Designer  New Generation Software (Issue 16, p53) A nicely balanced graphics utility which requires little time for familarisation.
Lightmare Scott G. Johnston 54% (Issue 64, p50) I wasn't too impressed with this.
Lightning Simulator Silverbird Software Ltd 21% (Issue 61, p67) There's very little originality, but playability makes up for it.
Line of Fire US Gold Ltd 70% (Issue 84, p63) Non-stop blasting which sadly lacks lasting appeal.
Little Computer People Activision Inc 57% (Issue 38, p33) An interesting concept, but not one likely to prove terribly addictive on the Spectrum.
Little Puff in Dragon Land Cartoon Time 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 78, p48) Excellent and full of nostril burning fun.
Live and Let Die Domark Ltd 71% (Issue 59, p186) Probably the most playable Bond game yet, but not really outstanding.
Living Daylights, The Domark Ltd 63% (Issue 43, p94) By no means a disaster, but the lack of real variation means lasting appeal is on the short side.
Livingstone I Presume Opera Soft S.A. 77% (Issue 41, p110) A modest sounding game that surprises for its polished design and interesting play.
Loads of Midnight CRL Group PLC 55% (Issue 51, p43) All the elements of a competent game are there; unfortunately they don't quite gel into a good one.
Loco Alligata Software Ltd 44% (Issue 38, p18) A simplistic game that would only have long-term appeal to the younger player.
Loco-motion Mastertronic Ltd 81% (Issue 17, p21) A fast-thinking puzzle game, with much more sense of fun than most, and a fair amount of addictiveness - certainly excellent value at £1.99.
Lode Runner Software Projects Ltd 81% (Issue 12, p38) A very good game, with plenty of playability and addictive qualities.
London Adventure Fridaysoft 60% (Issue 21, p109) London on a plate.
Lone Wolf: Fire on the Water Arrow 50% (Issue 14, p100) Lacks the length and complexity of the book which outshines the software.
Lone Wolf: Mirror of Death Audiogenic Software Ltd 85% (Issue 87, p44) A simple but entertaining game with good variety of action.
Look Sharp Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 44, p93) Very good value for money, with a strong fun element.
Loony Lander Software Super Savers Ltd 38% (Issue 12, p185) Waste of money in the opinion of two of the reviewers and below average from the third.
Loony Zoo Phipps Associates 85% (Issue 3, p107) Highly addictive, very good.
Loopz Audiogenic Software Ltd 71% (Issue 85, p56) An enjoyable puzzle game that lacks lastability.
Lop Ears Players Software 84% (Issue 89, p42) A great game that'll keep you occupied for days.
Lord Harry and Lady Harriet Lotus-Soft 62.5% (Issue 1, p91) Generally regarded as fun if not madly addictive.
Lord of the Rings, The Melbourne House 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p92) A highly commercial and entertaining game.
Lords of Chaos Blade Software Ltd 80% (Issue 76, p43) A complex and involving strategy/adventure for all who persevere at righting chaos.
Lords of Midnight, The Beyond Software 100% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 7, p72) Many features of the game are new or are developed to an elaborate degree setting new high standards in Spectrum software.
Lords of Time Level 9 Computing Ltd (Issue 3, p30) This, like any interesting adventure, has a long lasting appeal.
Los Angeles Police Department Players Software 82% (Issue 89, p42) This game style is getting on now, but LAPD is tough to master and worth the price.
Los Angeles SWAT Entertainment USA 26% (Issue 50, p99) A poor vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up.
Lost Gnomes, The Eric Bean Adventures 60% (Issue 5, p76) Not a bad adventure, but it's nothing special.
Lost Legacy of Xim, The Skyslip Software 42% (Issue 61, p26) Only detectives desperate for a new case should consider this one.
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 84, p80)  A highly playable racing extravaganza, especially with two players.
Ludoids, The 16/48 Tape Magazine 60% (Issue 24, p168) Unusual.
Luna Atac Atlantis Software Ltd 55% (Issue 31, p18) Quite good, but could be better.
Luna Crabs Micromega 61.5% (Issue 1, p43) Playable, but not very addictive.
Lunar Jetman Ultimate Play The Game 95% (Issue 1, p88) I can't imagine anyone failing to like this game or failing to become very mad with it.
Lunar Rescue CRL Group PLC 27% (Issue 3, p83) Poor.
Lunattack, 3D Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 4, p16) Highly addictive, complex shoot em up. Excellent value and highly recommended.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum