Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Kai Temple Firebird Software Ltd 40% (Issue 34, p21) An uninspiring platform/combat game.
Kamikaze Code Masters Ltd 61% (Issue 87, p44) A fun game but pretty frustrating, too.
Kane Mastertronic Ltd 54% (Issue 33, p114) Not terrible, but nothing special, either.
Karnov Electric Dreams Software 76% (Issue 52, p88) It looks lovely, but the slow and unresponsive gameplay kills much of the potential Karnov had.
Karyssia: Queen of Diamonds Incentive Software Ltd 87% (Issue 46, p105) Good.
Kat Trap: Planet of the Cat Men  Streetwise 84% (Issue 36, p187) A humorous little shoot-em up.
Kayleth US Gold Ltd 86% (Issue 37, p51) Good sci-fi jaunt.
Kemshu Cult Games 79% (Issue 55, p105) Initially addictive, it's not likely to keep a storm raging in your brain for long.
Kendo Warrior Byte Back 74% (Issue 70, p48) This doesn't hold anything new, but there's challenge in it for a hardened games player.
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match Impressions Software Ltd 42% (Issue 79, p43) Ignore Kenny's advice, take ours: avoid this disappointing football game.
Kentilla Micromega 100% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p113)  Excellent.
Key of Hope Games Workshop 65% (Issue 17, p103) Reasonable.
Key to Time, The Lumpsoft 70% (Issue 12, p120) Good.
Kickboxing Firebird Software Ltd 41% (Issue 42, p21) The implementation does nothing to improve a very thin beat-'em-up.
Kick-Box Vigilante Zeppelin Games Ltd 38% (Issue 84, p76) It's just a cheap alternative to the full price originals.
Kick Off Anco Software Ltd 56% (Issue 74, p42) Kick Off to a mixed reception footy season for afficionados.
Kick Off 2 Anco Software Ltd 54% (Issue 83, p63) No real improvement over the original bar the replay option - on disk version only.
Kiddisoft Kiddisoft (Issue 21, p92) Quite good value for money if there are several children between 4 and 8 in the family, as there is something to suit everyone in the magazine.
Kidnap Sparklers 49% (Issue 30, p25) A dated format with a new scenario; fairly well done.
Kikstart 2 Mastertronic Ltd 77% (Issue 50, p101) Only the course designer gives this simple game long-lasting appeal, and only Mike's Smash rating caused this high Overall percentage.
Killed Until Dead US Gold Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 42, p96) Involving and highly entertaining sleuth game with sufficient depth to keep you playing for ages.
Killer Knight Phipps Associates 64% (Issue 3, p90) Above average, a difficult Kong game.
Killer Ring Reaktor 47% (Issue 43, p32) An unashamedly old shoot-'em-up which manages to moderately addictive, but with a short playing life.
Kinetik Firebird Software Ltd 71% (Issue 40, p120) An unusual and playable game despite the powerful gravity!
King's Keep, The Firebird Software Ltd 42% (Issue 36, p189) Budget tat.
King Arthur's Quest Hill MacGibbon 50% (Issue 14, p99) Original but boring.
Kingdom of Hamil Topologika 78% (Issue 53, p49) A maze-based adventure with a difference.
Kingdom of Krell Anco Software Ltd 86% (Issue 39, p53) Very interesting.
Kirel Addictive Games Ltd 85% (Issue 29, p24) A neat arcade/puzzle game that's quite compelling.
Klax Domark Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 77, p42) A cracking coin-op conversion to tease and frustrate: just get that straight-jacket ready!
Knight Driver Hewson Consultants Ltd 59% (Issue 4, p36) Good graphics but ultimately a rather pointless game.
Knight Force Titus 63% (Issue 76, p42) A beat-'em-up with pretty graphics but gameplay sadly lost somewhere in time.
Knight Games 2 Black Knight Software 66% (Issue 33, p37) Interesting and appealing combination.
Knight Lore Ultimate Play The Game 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 12, p16) An outstanding game at the price.
Knightmare Activision Inc 62% (Issue 49, p18) Beautifully presented, but too difficult to reward most players.
Knight Orc Rainbird Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 49, p45) A complex, challenging adventure packed with detail - Level 9's best to date, and that's saying something.
Knight Rider Ocean Software Ltd 39% (Issue 33, p116) After the interminably long wait, a major disappointment - simplistic gameplay and nothing special on offer.
Knight Tyme 128 Mastertronic Added Dimension  94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p18) Another excellent arcade adventure from David Jones. Stunningly good value for money.
Knight Tyme 48 Mastertronic Added Dimension 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p18) Another excellent arcade adventure from David Jones. Stunningly good value for money.
Knockout Alligata Software Ltd 52% (Issue 18, p24) Below average.
Knockout Mikro-Gen Ltd 62% (Issue 2, p70) An excellent simulation, difficult to define addictivity properly, but good value generally.
Knuckle Busters Melbourne House 52% (Issue 40, p122) A platform-cum-beat 'em up which soon becomes tedious.
Kobyashi Ag'Kwo Zenobi Software 73% (Issue 92, p52) It can be frustrating due to an unforgiving linearity to the design.
Kobyashi Naru Mastertronic Ltd 83% (Issue 40, p51) Innovative.
Kokotoni Wilf Elite Systems Ltd 84% (Issue 9, p108) A novel looking game which employs well tested routines to make it addictive in play.
Kokotoni Wilf Elite Systems Ltd 80% (Issue 66, p45) Like so many old games the finely-tuned playability and the addiction make this a great buy.
Komplex City Legend 72% (Issue 17, p11) An unusual 3D game more involved with mapping than fighting.
Konami's Golf Imagine Software Ltd 58% (Issue 37, p113) Incorporates most of the features of the sport.
Kong 2: Strikes Back Ocean Software Ltd 73% (Issue 13, p130) Definitely above average, medium addictive, and reasonably playable.
Koronis Rift Activision Inc 70% (Issue 40, p30) An imaginative science fiction game, translated to the Spectrum with reasonable success.
Kosmic Kanga Micromania 88% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 7, p47) A new, lively and well implemented game, playable and addictive, good value for money, highly recommended.
Kosmik Pirate Elephant Software 3% (Issue 9, p14) Terrible.
Kosmos Atlantis Software Ltd 89% (Issue 66, p45) I recommend this to anybody and everybody, so go out and get it now!
Krak Out Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 46% (Issue 40, p36) A reasonable buy if you like the game-type, but the concepts an old one.
Krak Out Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 37% (Issue 61, p40) The layout of the screens is unimaginative and boredom soon sets in.
Krypton Factor, The TV Games 37% (Issue 50, p20) A simply constructed (but mentally demanding) repetitive quiz game.
Kung-Fu Bug-Byte Software Ltd 77% (Issue 11, p58) Original and overall very good.
Kung-Fu Master US Gold Ltd 56% (Issue 31, p16) Overall, a very poor conversion from the arcade game.
Kwah! Melbourne House 86% (Issue 36, p149) Unusual, highly polished game.
Kwik Snax Code Masters Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 83, p68) Once you start playing you just won't be able to stop, and why should you when it's as good as this?


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum