Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
I, Ball 1 Firebird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 39, p112)  A great little game with plenty of lasting appeal.
I, Ball 2: Quest for the Past Firebird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 45, p126) A very successful follow-up to I, Ball.
I'm in Shock Artic Computing Ltd 55% (Issue 2, p15) Fair to average, but reasonable value for money.
Ice Temple, The Bubble Bus Software 75% (Issue 35, p30) Not a bad effort.
Icicle Works State Soft Ltd 76% (Issue 17, p48) Graphically unwonderful, but addictive.
Icon Graphix Audiogenic Software Ltd (Issue 26, p81) A handy screen creating tool which could prove to be a lot of fun to use.
Icups Thor Computer Software 74% (Issue 33, p119) A good game, but a disappointment coming from such a well established stable as Thor and Odin.
Ikari Warriors Elite Systems Ltd 76% (Issue 51, p104) If Ikari Warriors had come out when it was first advertised it would have been an amazing success - however much more is needed nowadays.
Illustrator, The Gilsoft International (Issue 14, p108) This extends the capabilities and applications of The Quill.
Imagination Firebird Software Ltd 75% (Issue 39, p53) Torrence fans will lap it up.
Immortality Rules OK Deltoid Developments 52% (Issue 64, p50) The numerous pictures are fine and the text often witty.
Impact! Audiogenic Software Ltd 60% (Issue 51, p101) The genre may be old, but there's no lack of scope.
Implosion Cascade Games Ltd 38% (Issue 48, p14) Plain and boring.
Impossaball Hewson Consultants Ltd 89% (Issue 37, p116) An original, addictive game that is more than just another bouncy-ball program.
Impossamole Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 73% (Issue 76, p40) The mole with the tracksuit is back in this enjoyable platform romp.
Impossamole Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  79% (Issue 90, p41) Recommended; especially if you're willing to persevere with it, it's a great game.
Impossible Mission US Gold Ltd 76% (Issue 22, p88) A passable conversion from the Commodore original.
Impossible Mission 2 US Gold Ltd 84% (Issue 55, p16) With so many improvements and expansions on the original Impossible Mission II shouldn't be missed. Immediate fun and long term addiction.
Incredible Adventure, The CRL Group PLC 20% (Issue 5, p75) This adventure is incredible but for the wrong reasons.
Incredible Shrinking Fireman, The Mastertronic Ltd 68% (Issue 28, p16) Not one of Mastertronic's best, but still reasonable.
Incredible Shrinking Sphere Electric Dreams Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 62, p23) A puzzling, enjoyable maze game with lots of lasting appeal.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade US Gold Ltd 76% (Issue 68, p40) A pleasing game as a film tie-in, as an action adventure it lacks sparkle.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  US Gold Ltd 65% (Issue 46, p131) A coin-op conversion with little gameplay and some frustrating difficulties.
Indoor Sports Advance Software Ltd 50% (Issue 41, p32) The sports chosen and their implementation let down some promising graphics. Pretty average.
Inferno, The Richard Shepherd Software Ltd 80% (Issue 8, p71) Good.
Infiltrator US Gold Ltd 72% (Issue 35, p149) Well nigh impossible, leave it to Jimbo.
Infiltrator US Gold Ltd 48% (Issue 64, p32) Frustration caused me to give up playing long before I got anywhere near the second level.
Information Processing Visions Software (Issue 48, p53) Deals with issues such as security of information, privacy and the social implications of exploiting this technology.
Ingrid's Back: Gnome Ranger 2 Level 9 Computing Ltd 81% (Issue 62, p25) A fine adventure as well as a funny one, and should provide welcome light relief for weary adventurers.
Inheritance, The Infogrames 86% (Issue 41, p65) Another popular Infograme game.
Insector Hecti in the Interchange Hi-Tec Software Ltd 84% (Issue 91, p61) Neat arcade puzzler with heaps and heaps of lastability.
Inside Outing The Edge Software 82% (Issue 49, p91) One of the greatest arcade adventures since Movie and The Great Escape, Inside Outing is very involving (though nothing new) and the graphics are stunningly detailed.
Insurgency CCS (Issue 12, p159) At £5.95 may be even better value than The Prince.
Intensity Firebird Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 57, p90) Designed by Andrew Braybrook (creator of Urudium among many others), Intensity combines need for both careful thought and frantic action to brilliant effect.
Intergalactic Cage Match Entertainment USA 15% (Issue 52, p83) A beat 'em up not even worthy of a budget label.
Intermediate Level French Scisoft (Issue 20, p83) Plenty of options to choose from, but no better or worse than many other language study aids of this type.
Intermediate Level Geography Scisoft (Issue 34, p57) Good value for money.
Intermediate Level Maths Scisoft (Issue 15, p110) Highly recommended.
Intermediate Level Science Scisoft (Issue 28, p80) Good value for money.
International 3D Tennis Palace Software 78% (Issue 78, p46) A smart simulator, lacking thrill power to make it smashing.
International Cricket Manager Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software 46% (Issue 79, p41) Lacklustre cricket with appeal to manager fans only.
International Football Cult Games 49% (Issue 69, p48) I simply hate it.
International Karate System 3 Software Ltd 68% (Issue 24, p23) Disappointing overall, given the wait.
International Karate + System 3 Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 49, p88) Vastly better than all other beat-'em-ups - even better than The Way of the Exploding Fist. The one-player game is as addictive and playable as the two-player, which makes for long-lasting appeal.
International Rugby Artic Computing Ltd 67% (Issue 23, p154) Though a bit crude still quite enjoyable.
International Rugby Artic Computing Ltd 35% (Issue 89, p49) It can't compete with other sports games.
International Rugby Simulator Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 61, p66) A brave attempt which offers a fair amount of playability for rugger fans.
International Speedway Silverbird Software Ltd 24% (Issue 62, p68) Definitely not recommended.
Into Africa Rack-It 69% (Issue 62, p69) The game itself should provide hours of play for adventure fans.
Into the Eagle's Nest Pandora 82% (Issue 39, p109) Perhaps better looking than playing, this is still a first rate game with some original touches.
Into the Eagle's Nest Pandora 91% (Issue 64, p32) Great fun to play.
Into the Mystic River Software 78% (Issue 91, p54) Well designed, very playable adventure that guarantee’s hours of enjoyment.
Invader Cube Oasis Software 69% (Issue 3, p37) Good, playable and very good value for money.
Invasion Force CCS 85% (Issue 74, p42) For dedicated sould only.
Invasion Force Micromania 84% (Issue 3, p46) Above average shoot em up, and good value if you already own a Stack Light Rifle
Invasion of the Body Snatchas! Crystal Computing 69.5% (Issue 1, p90) A good copy, playable and addictive.
I of the Mask Electric Dreams Software 92% (Issue 23, p48) Technically excellent, backed with a fair bit of strategic gameplay.
Iron Lord Ubi Soft Ltd 69% (Issue 69, p44) A brave attempt to produce an epic that looks good, but sadly lacks long term interest.
Island of Dr. Destructo, The Bulldog 38% (Issue 44, p28) A simple, old-fashioned shoot-'em-up.
It's a Knockout Ocean Software Ltd 39% (Issue 37, p26) A poor multi-player event game - Ocean would have done better to have applied some of the skills that lay behind the Daley Thompson games.
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll/Tomb of Dracula K-Tel Productions 41% (Issue 3, p30) Generally poor in quality and imagination and not a recommended buy.
It's the Wooluf! Crystal Computing 44% (Issue 5, p20) May appeal to younger players, a bit lacking in content and not very addictive.
It's TV Showtime Domark Ltd 53% (Issue 89, p33) If yoiu can put up with lots of badly digitised graphics and animation, well, this is for you.
Italian Supercar Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 75, p47) A good, fun arcade thrill.
Italy 1990 US Gold Ltd 80% (Issue 78, p44) Highly enjoyable footy romp with loads of atmosphere - bootiful.
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road  Virgin Games Ltd 90% (A CRASH Smash, Issue 82, p43)  Wild race-'em-up with more action than a bag full o' ferrets!
Iwo Jima PSS 60% (Issue 30, p55) At first I didn't like it at all. However, its good points have grown on me.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum