Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
A, B, C... Lift Off Longman Software (Issue 22, p84) A simple but useful program which young children will enjoy.
Aaargh! Melbourne House 29% (Issue 68, p44) Unexciting and badly executed coin-op conversion.
Abbreviations Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) Aimed at the 9-12 age group it tests children's knowledge of a variety of abbreviations.
ABC Games Artic Computing Ltd (Issue 2, p98) Aimed at children 5-8 it is designed to improve spelling skills.
Abu Simbel Profanation Dinamic Software 78% (Issue 19, p106) A good but very difficult game, nothing outstanding though.
Academy: Tau Ceti 2 CRL Group Plc 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 36, p178)  A worthy sequel.
Accelerator Century City Software Ltd 66% (Issue 13, p23) Average shoot em up distinguished by graphics.
ACE (Air Control Emulator) Cascade Games Ltd 81% (Issue 32, p13) Above average for this type of game.
ACE 2: The Ultimate Head to Head 48  Cascade Games Ltd 62% (Issue 48, p14) A poor imitation of Ocean's Top Gun.
ACE 2088 Cascade Games Ltd 56% (Issue 64, p18) Pretty and well programmed, but the basic game concept is lacking.
Ace of Aces US Gold Ltd 62% (Issue 38, p102) Nicely detailed, but generally unplayable flight simulation.
Ace of Aces US Gold Ltd 55% (Issue 58, p111) Destroying enemies becomes simple after practice and there's little else to keep you coming back for more.
Acheton Topologika 87% (Issue 53, p47) Definitely one of the best versions of the genre on offer.
Acrojet MicroProse Software Ltd 83% (Issue 37, p36) An entertaining flight simulator, competently produced.
Action Biker Mastertronic Ltd 52% (Issue 19, p17) Disappointing.
Action Fighter Firebird Software Ltd 82% (Issue 71, p58) Spy Hunter analogies apart Action Fighter is a good blasting game that should at least be considered.
Action Force Virgin Games Ltd 35% (Issue 46, p28) Too difficult, unattractive and a wasted licence.
Action Force 2 Virgin Games Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 52, p12) The ultimate in protection games. Great graphics and a mound of playability - the only thing it lacks is definable keys.
Action Reflex Mirrorsoft Ltd 88% (Issue 31, p28) A very good game, frustrating at times but addictive.
Action Reflex Mirrorsoft Ltd 76% (Issue 56, p88) If you've enjoyed other ball-bouncing games , get yer hands on this!
Ad Astra (To The Stars!) Gargoyle Games 80% (Issue 4, p14) Addictive, attractive graphics and very playable.
Addams Family, The Ocean Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 98, p14) A smash hit conversion with all the fun of the film - and more besides!
Adder Attack Mogul Communications Ltd 64% (Issue 4, p85) An average game from an older idea, medium addictive.
Adidas Championship Football Ocean Software Ltd 83% (Issue 79, p43) Well presented and playable football: a bit late for the World Cup fever.
Adidas Championship Tie Break Ocean Software Ltd 73% (Issue 83, p54) A reasonable tennis simulation with a host of options to cater for all tastes.
Admiral Graf Spee Temptation Software Ltd 54% (Issue 1, p103) Reasonably good of its type.
Advanced Art Studio Rainbird Software Ltd (Issue 40, p108) A full featured Art Studio.
Advanced Soccer Simulator Mastertronic Plus 82% (Issue 64, p28) All-in-all a well-above average management sim.
Adventure Adventure Software 84% (Issue 36, p151) Interesting
Adventure Games Pack Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software  15% (Issue 96, p31) If you put all these games together you still wouldn't have a decent adventure.
Adventureland Adventure International 70% (Issue 14, p104) Quite good.
Adventure Playground Widgit Software Ltd 80% (Issue 85, p30) The challenges are tough enough to keep adventure buffs playing until Klingsor's demise.
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The Gilsoft International 53% (Issue 4, p51) In this case the excellent implementation seems more due to the excellence of the Quill than to the game itself.
Adventures of Saint Bernard, The Carnell Software 58% (Issue 4, p86) A good idea that doesn't seem to have been pushed far enough and represents only fair value for money.
Afghan Attack Southern Software 60% (Issue 15, p96) Quite good, but possibly a bit expensive, especially for a Quilled game.
Africa Gardens Gilsoft International 84% (Issue 4, p51) Excellent, addictive and very good value for money.
Afterburner Activision Inc 86% (Issue 59, p9) A great conversion of a very popular coin-op, which perhaps loses out in the long run due to its repetitiveness.
Afterburner Activision Inc 85% (Issue 87, p50) Okay-ish as a stand-alone game.
After Shock Interceptor Micros Software 89% (Issue 34, p95) A quality, traditional, adventure.
Agent Orange A'n'F Software 59% (Issue 38, p23) An original and intriguing idea, but lacking in the finer elements of gameplay.
Agent X Mastertronic Ltd 85% (Issue 37, p117) A great piece of budget software.
Agent X 2 Mastertronic Ltd 56% (Issue 48, p170) A disappointing sequel, with each section derivative of a different style.
Ahhh!!! CRL Group Plc 61% (Issue 9, p109) Above average shoot em up.
Airbase Invader CP Software 68% (Issue 6, p52) Above average to good, playable and reasonably addictive.
Airborne Ranger MicroProse Software Ltd 82% (Issue 60, p22) A very competent and unusual simulation which has long-lasting appeal.
Air Defence CCS (Issue 16, p141) Not as good as NATO Alert, but a good start at a genuine realtime war game.
Airline Cases CCS (Issue 40, p104) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Airwolf Elite Systems Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 13, p28) Addictive, playable and fun, excellent.
Airwolf Elite Systems Ltd 47% (Issue 56, p87) Fans of the TV series may find a little enjoyment in this prehistoric relic but even that is pretty doubtful.
Airwolf 2 Hit-Pak 61% (Issue 43, p18) Each game in itself is average, with 3DC coming out on top, but the whole package represents good value and hours of playing time.
Alcatraz Harry Mastertronic Ltd 43% (Issue 9, p123) Below average to poor in execution and content.
Alchemist Imagine Software Ltd 85% (Issue 2, p13) Excellent.
Alien Mind Games (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 15, p124) An excellent game - should keep you going for weeks. Hitchcock would have loved it.
Alien 8 Ultimate Play The Game 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 15, p16) A slightly better game in most respects than Knight Lore, and therefore generally excellent.
Alien Evolution Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 75% (Issue 42, p35) It's derivative of a good format, the graphics have stood the test of time, and the game is highly playable - but weaker on lasting appeal.
Alien Highway Vortex Software 88% (Issue 29, p23) Another one for Highway Encounter fans everywhere.
Aliens Electric Dreams Software 84% (Issue 37, p18) A good attempt at capturing the action and atmosphere of the film.
Alien Storm US Gold Ltd 89% (Issue 93, p56) A winning and varied coin-op conversion to shoot and beat away boredom.
Aliens USA Edition Electric Dreams Software 45% (Issue 47, p14) The lesser of two Aliens tie-ins; this US version is closer to the film, but the graphics are poor and gameplay very difficult.
Alien Swarm/Arena! Titan Programs Ltd 57% (Issue 3, p108) Fair to average.
Alien Syndrome ACE Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 57, p84) All the gory gameplay from the coin-op has been maintained in this addictive conversion.
Alien Syndrome ACE Software 84% (Issue 69, p49) A first class arcade conversion.
All or Nothing Abbex Electronics 72% (Issue 11, p56) Generally good, not perhaps as addictive as expected, but certainly has lots of content.
Alpha-Beth A'n'F Software (Issue 16, p104) Poor. It annoys me greatly when so-called educational games feature errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. If, for instance, the player cannot answer a question and selects the pass key to go on to the next one, the computer responds with 'Too hard for you? Your (sic) not trying'. In Alpha-Gen, too we are informed that 'The instructions that follow can for your convenience (sic) be printed out'.
Altered Beast Activision Inc 67% (Issue 71, p63) Good conversion, beastily unscrolled to near undeath.
Altered Beast Activision Inc 69% (Issue 95, p61) A slightly above average beet-'em-up that may just appeal to fans of the coin-op.
Alternative World Games Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 85% (Issue 55, p80) An enjoyably wierd and whacky world tour, slightly marred by a very tedious multiload.
Amaurote 128 Mastertronic Added Dimension 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 40, p116) An amazing achievement in budget software, highly playable and addictive.
Amaurote 48 Mastertronic Added Dimension 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 40, p116) An amazing achievement in budget software, highly playable and addictive.
American Football Mind Games 71% (Issue 13, p125) A good strategy simulation of an unusual game.
American Turbo King Code Masters Ltd 61% (Issue 76, p46) Holds nothing we haven't seen before.
Anamagon's Temple, The Mediandroid 39% (Issue 57, p44) There are far more entertaining budget adventures available.
Anarchy Rack-It 77% (Issue 48, p165) A straight forward, addictive puzzle shoot-'em-up - as good as its Dominic Robinson pedigree.
Ancient Quests Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 25, p44) Enjoyable to play, and good value for money, but limited in terms of educational value.
Android 2 Vortex Software 90% (Issue 2, p13) Excellent on almost all counts, highly addictive and 1st rate Value for Money. Highly recommended.
Andy Capp Mirrorsoft Ltd 73% (Issue 49, p23) Plenty of appeal for all Andy's readers.
Anfractuos Players Software 46% (Issue 39, p116) Could have been improved by some rigorous playtesting, as it stands it feels unfinished.
Angleball Mastertronic Added Dimension  51% (Issue 46, p28) A neat snooker variation.
Animated Strip Poker Knightsoft 66% (Issue 15, p118) A reasonable implementation of Poker, but even with the novelty value of a stripping graphic, perhaps not that compulsive after a few plays.
Animator 1 Softcat Micros (Issue 28, p100) Designed as a sprite designer not a art studio.
Annals of Rome PSS 85% (Issue 38, p77) The sum of this game is greater than its parts and has been rated highly.
Antagonists, The Addison-Wesley Productions 60% (Issue 19, p94) Detailed and interesting book, program locations poor.
Ant Attack, 3D Quicksilva Ltd 85% (Issue 1, p16) Very highly recommended.
Antics: Birds And The Bees 2, The Bug-Byte Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 6, p9) Original, playable and addictive, excellent value and highly recommended.
Antteroo Central Solutions 60% (Issue 28, p90) Two very average games for an average price.
APB Domark Ltd 93% (A CRASH Smash, Issue 68, p40)  APB is the best of the Tengen coin-ops and the best conversion so far!
APB Domark Ltd 84% (Issue 90, p44) A great game which is hard to put down.
Apocalypse - The Game of Nuclear Devastation  Red Shift Ltd (Issue 43, p51) Recommended to those who are certain they'll have someone else to play it with.
Apollo 11 Darkstar 70% (Issue 5, p83) Mixed feelings overall from average to good!
Apple Jam DK'Tronics Ltd 47% (Issue 2, p71) Poor on instructions, a game for younger players with a limited addictivity.
April 7th Zenobi Software 49% (Issue 95, p43) The text's good and there's some semblance of a game in there somewhere.
Arcade Flight Simulator Code Masters Ltd 64% (Issue 66, p43) Okay game, but lacking in decent gameplay and addiction.
Arcade Fruit Machine Zeppelin Games Ltd 59% (Issue 75, p47) While definitely not one of the best fruit machine simulations about, you can get some enjoyment out of it.
Arcade Trivia Quiz Zeppelin Games Ltd 80% (Issue 75, p46) A real winner on your own and especially with some friends.
Archers, The Mosaic Publishing Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 37, p53) Very good.
Archon 1 Electronic Arts 83% (Issue 18, p21) An involved game, very good, though pricey.
Archon Collection, The Electronic Arts 72% (Issue 62, p70) Games mixing strategy and arcade skills are few and far between, so two for the price of one can't be a bad deal.
Arc of Yesod 48, The Thor Computer Software 89% (Issue 26, p129) A great little game, very much the follow on to Nodes of Yesod - maybe too similar.
Arctic Fox Electronic Arts 41% (Issue 55, p20) A botched rejuvenation of an ageing genre.
Arcturus Visions Software Factory 57% (Issue 3, p39) Very good for puzzler enthusiasts.
Arena MC Lothlorien Ltd 67% (Issue 46, p67) There isn't quite enough happening to hook interest.
Arendarvon Castle Addison-Wesley Productions 75% (Issue 18, p102) Quite good.
Astrotutor Astrocalc (Issue 38, p48) Rather unsophisticated in terms of screen display and booklet presentation, but a good introduction to the subject.
ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) Digital Integration 89% (Issue 50, p17) Excellent: impressive arcade elements in a user-friendly simulation.
Athena Imagine Software Ltd 75% (Issue 45, p21) A challenging arcade conversion with plenty of depth.
Athlete Buffer Micro Ltd 51% (Issue 8, p100) Fair to average.
Atic Atac Ultimate Play The Game 92% (Issue 2, p37) Excellent.
Atlantic Challenge Virgin Games Ltd 48% (Issue 32, p21) Not a terribly exciting or entertaining simulation.
Atlantis M&J Software 60% (Issue 8, p73) Fair, food element can become a distraction.
Atlas Assignment, The, Virgin Games Ltd 60% (Issue 6, p76) A rather modest text adventure.
Atom Ant Hi-Tec Software Ltd 78% (Issue 82, p45) Another excellent conversion of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.
A to Z I.E.C. Software (Issue 27, p54) Suitable for very young children.
ATRAM Websters Software (Issue 12, p160) Nice box, shame about the game.
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Global Software 89% (Issue 28, p23) A great game of a very bad movie.
ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Simulator  Code Masters Ltd 66% (Issue 46, p130) An amusingly entertaining and playable biking game of dubious lastability.
Auf Weidersehen Monty Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 85% (Issue 40, p34) A fine continuation of the long-standing Monty Mole theme.
Auf Wiedersehen Pet Tynesoft 54% (Issue 7, p39) Mixed opinions from fair to good.
Austerlitz 1805 CCS 76% (Issue 67, p40) Simple to use but a challenging and authentic wargame.
Autochef CCS (Issue 44, p95) For business studies students, excellent practice in reading accounts and balance sheets.
Automania Mikro-Gen Ltd 88% (Issue 7, p7) Very good to excellent, playable and addictive.
Avenger: The Way of the Tiger 2 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 85% (Issue 36, p173) Another good Gauntlet clone.
Axe of Kolt, The FSF Adventures 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 84, p39) A little gem - the best adventure game this year.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne
Sinclair ZX Spectrum