Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Macadam Bumper ERE Informatique 87% (Issue 21, p48) Overall this is an excellent package.
Madballs Ocean Software Ltd 65% (Issue 50, p94) A good bounce 'n' bodge game, but rather unvaried.
Madcap Manor Gilsoft International 60% (Issue 22, p123) Better than average Quilled game.
Madhatter Gamma Software 51% (Issue 11, p15) An old fashioned looking game with nothing much to hold the interest.
Mad Mix Game Topo Soft 85% (Issue 58, p86) It may be an unoriginal variation on the Pac Man theme, but Mad Mix Game has many extras which make it very playable, and well worth buying.
Mad Nurse Firebird Software Ltd 31% (Issue 39, p18) A game with little to offer, relying on its 'sick' overtones to succeed.
Mafia Contract, The Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 12, p120) Good value.
Mafia Contract 2, The Atlantis Software Ltd 85% (Issue 31, p73) Good value.
Magic Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 22, p30) The graphics for each of the tricks are only hovering around the reasonable standard mark, the same can be said for the overall presentation of the program.
Magic Castle Gilsoft International 76% (Issue 4, p52) Good.
Magic Meanies CDS Microsystems 58% (Issue 2, p90) Above average.
Magic Roundabout, The CRL Group PLC 51% (Issue 12, p188) May prove popular with young children, lacks content for older people.
Mag Max - Robo Centurion Imagine Software Ltd 67% (Issue 42, p20) Somewhat mixed feelings, with Mark finding it more fun than the others did, but everyone agreed that it's an above average shoot-'em-up.
Magnetron Firebird Software Ltd 57% (Issue 51, p24) Playable, but certainly not as good as Quazatron.
Magnets Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd
(Issue 5, p68) Of probably dubious educational value but certainly a game worth playing.
Magpie Flexibase Software (Issue 56, p108) Although laudable in its aim, I felt that this program needs to provide much more of an incentive for the user.
Mailstrom Ocean Software Ltd 59% (Issue 35, p132) A bit of a laugh.
Malice in Wonderland Lumpsoft 50% (Issue 20, p94) Original plot.
Manage CCS (Issue 40, p105) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Manager, The GTI Software 59% (Issue 83, p46) This could have been brightened up with some graphics: endless text menus are not the best at keeping a player's attention.
Manchester United Europe Krisalis Software Ltd 50% (Issue 92, p62) The unplayable match lets down the great management element.
Mandragore Infogrames 79% (Issue 32, p63) Good attempt at true D&D type game.
Manic Miner Bug-Byte Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 64, p30) The graphics are sharp and attractive, the ingame tune attractive and playability as addictive as it's frustrating.
Mantronix Probe Software Ltd 73% (Issue 29, p115) A competent variant on a well tried 3D arcade/adventure format.
Marauder Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 55, p22) An immensely playable shoot-em-up with plenty of variety. Up to Hewson's characteristically high standards.
Marble Madness Construction Set Melbourne House 61% (Issue 36, p186) A good idea poorly executed.
Maria's Christmas Box Anco Software Ltd 23% (Issue 62, p18) Appalling piece of exploitation - not of Miss Whittaker, but of anybody gullible enough to buy such trash.
Mario Bros Ocean Software Ltd 45% (Issue 41, p26) Lifeless conversion of a simple coin-op, the appeal of which lay in its cute characters.
Marsport Gargoyle Games 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 22, p12) Marsport is another excellent contribution to the arcade adventure genre. It's similar to other Gargoyle games, but easily different enough to deserve a place in an arcade adventurer's collection.
Marsport Gargoyle Games 78% (Issue 56, p88) Presents a complex and compelling challenge.
Martianoids Ultimate Play The Game 58% (Issue 40, p24) Not up to Ultimate's usual standard.
Mask Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  81% (Issue 45, p130) A worthwhile licence with lots of depth and playability.
Mask 2 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 81% (Issue 48, p12) A playable and attractive tie-in, much more lively and fun than MASK 1 (which wasn't too bad itself).
Mask 3: Venom Strikes Back Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 53, p90) The superb presentation enhances a very playable and addictive game. VENOM Strikes Back will appeal to adventure and shoot 'em up fans alike.
Master, The Artic Computing Ltd 30% (Issue 30, p24) The low price doesn't make up for the poor game.
Master Mariner Atlantis Software Ltd 71% (Issue 9, p19) A simple finance/strategy game, no great shakes but excellent value for money.
Master of Magic, The Mastertronic Added Dimension 86% (Issue 31, p72) Good value.
Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game  US Gold Ltd 28% (Issue 38, p17) Poor programming skills, and non-existent gameplay makes for a missed opportunity.
Masters of the Universe - The Movie Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 70% (Issue 49, p99) The best all three attempts at the cartoon tie-in.
Masters of the Universe - The Movie Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 53% (Issue 67, p44) The tasks and plot being exactly the same each load, does not help the lastability factor.
Masters of the Universe - The Super Adventure  US Gold Ltd 84% (Issue 44, p68) Quite entertaining.
Master Word Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p60) An enjoyable game for encouraging thinking about letters and words.
Match Day Ocean Software Ltd 86% (Issue 13, p50) A first rate sports simulation that requires several skills and offers plenty of playing options. Excellent value for money.
Match Day 2 Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 48, p18) Match Day is even better second time around - there's more to do, and a skilled computer to beat.
Match Day 2 Ocean Software Ltd 79% (Issue 80, p44) One of the best football games around for the Spectrum.
Matching Pairs CCS 47% (Issue 9, p12) Very limited appeal guessing-memory game, may suit young children well.
Matchpoint Sinclair Research Ltd 89% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 8, p7) Excellent and addictive to play, so much so that its rather high price seems well justified.
Mathematics Charles Letts & Co (Issue 26, p75) Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!
Maths Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p58) A powerful interactive revision aid.
Matrix: Gridrunner 2 Salamander Software 60% (Issue 6, p61) Good if you like very fast grid games.
Matt Lucas Players Software 84% (Issue 40, p52) Good.
Maverick CCS (Issue 17, p120) A good draw poker program that can prove quite addictive.
Max Headroom Quicksilva Ltd 85% (Issue 28, p17) An original and entertaining arcade/adventure with plenty to do.
Mayhem The Power House 42% (Issue 44, p17) A well-presented but uninteresting game.
Maze Craze Partyline Ltd 29% (Issue 22, p34) Three years too late.
Maze Mania Hewson Consultants Ltd 77% (Issue 68, p41) A fun and enjoyable arcade romp, with smart graphics.
Maziacs DK'Tronics Ltd 82% (Issue 1, p95) Highly recommended.
MCoder 3 ERE Informatique (Issue 20, p89) If you're a hardened hacker, this may come as some relief!
Mean Streak Mirrorsoft Ltd 64% (Issue 45, p28) An above-average game that could have achieved much more with improved playability.
Mega-Apocalypse Martech Games Ltd 58% (Issue 52, p24) A poor, but futuristic, Asteroids clone.
Mega Bucks Firebird Software Ltd 66% (Issue 38, p112) Should appeal to fans of David Jones' type of games.
Meganova - The Weapon Dinamic Software 57% (Issue 72, p56) A decidedly average game.
Mercenary: Escape from Targ Novagen Software Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 44, p16) An excellent and innovative flight/exploration/action game.
Mercenary: Escape from Targ Novagen Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 89, p47) A Smash and no mistake.
Mercs US Gold Ltd 86% (Issue 89, p39) The best shoot-'em-up for ages. Packed with colour and mega-enemies to blast!
Merlin Firebird Software Ltd 40% (Issue 50, p99) A simple collecting game with too many graphical problems to be really playable.
Mermaid Madness Electric Dreams Software 66% (Issue 32, p26) A colourful game with a jolly story but not very polished.
Message from Andromeda Interceptor Micros Software 70% (Issue 7, p69) Has some very good graphics but there aren't many.
Metabolis Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 87% (Issue 20, p112) An excellent all round game, great fun to explore.
Meta-Galactic Llamas
Battle at the Edge of Time
Salamander Software 54% (Issue 5, p125) A fast game, but lacking enough content to be more than average.
Metrocross US Gold Ltd 77% (Issue 42, p24) A good coin-op conversion which maintains the original's simple addictivity.
Metrocross US Gold Ltd 80% (Issue 58, p109) The actual programming is admirable, with attractively shaded graphics which cleverly avoid colour clash.
Miami Chase Code Masters Ltd 42% (Issue 92, p59) Could have been good but has too many aggravating elements.
Miami Cobra GT Players Software 78% (Issue 85, p62) Play is excellent, speeding past all the buildings and zipping around the corners is great fun.
Miami Dice Bug-Byte Software Ltd 37% (Issue 34, p133) Doesn't quite come off, somehow...
Miami Vice Ocean Software Ltd 27% (Issue 35, p28) Steer clear, take my advice.
Mickey Mouse Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 54, p80) Mickey Mouse, star and stage and screen, proves that there can be more behind a cartoon licence than cutesy graphics...
Microball Alternative Software Ltd 41% (Issue 50, p96) Little content, little interest (not unlike the real thing - Man Ed).
Microbot Softek Software International Ltd  73% (Issue 2, p16) Very good.
Microfair Madness Delbert the Hamster Software 80% (Issue 95, p43) The problems are fair but the skill curve could be gentler.
Micro Mouse Goes Debugging MC Lothlorien Ltd 58% (Issue 3, p124) Average, fun to play but not very addictive.
Micronaut One Nexus Productions Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 43, p92) Original, visually stunning, very playable and addictive.
Micro Olympics Database Publications Ltd 77% (Issue 8, p46) Very good, amusing, rather more than a completely addictive and certainly playable.
Microprose Soccer MicroProse Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 65, p17) Great graphics and tremendous new features make this a winner.
Midnight Resistance Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 78, p40) An average coin-op transformed into a brilliant computer shoot-'em-up.
Mig-29 Soviet Fighter Code Masters Ltd 64% (Issue 65, p21) Instant appeal, fast action and decent graphics - but don't expect your interest to be sustained for long.
Mighty Magus, The Quicksilva Ltd 82% (Issue 16, p14) Quite an original idea and entertaining.
Mike Read's Pop Quiz Elite Systems Ltd 52% (Issue 65, p15) The lack of questions catches up and makes the game repetitive.
Mike Read's Pop Quiz Elite Systems Ltd 45% (Issue 79, p49) If you know whats good for you, you'll stick to the board game.
Mikie Imagine Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p10) Yet another first-rate Konami conversion.
Milk Race Mastertronic Ltd 41% (Issue 42, p20) Insufficient game challenge, content and graphic variety make Milk Race an indifferent choice for the average games player.
Millionaire Incentive Software Ltd 80% (Issue 4, p90) A relaxing game, and a compelling strategy.
Millypede Add-On Electronics Ltd 45% (Issue 3, p22) Old but fairly serviceable.
Mindbender, The Gilsoft International 86% (Issue 4, p53) Entertaining, complex and excellent value.
Minder DK'Tronics Ltd 75% (Issue 17, p13) An interesting and absorbing game.
Mindfighter Abstract Concepts 69% (Issue 55, p55) Something of a disappointment.
Mindshadow Activision Inc 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p79) Excellent.
Mindstone The Edge Software 89% (Issue 33, p93.94) Slow start but really engaging once you get into it.
Mindtrap Mastertronic Ltd 84% (Issue 64, p29) It's very addictive and well worth buying.
Mini Office Database Software (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 13, p82) This offers an excellent introductory business package for the uninitiated.
Mini Putt Accolade Inc 73% (Issue 59, p186) Not in the same class as Leaderboard, but an amusingly goofy golf game.
Missile Ground Zero Software Creations 56% (Issue 67, p13) Graphically okay, but generally disappointing.
Mission 1 - Project Volcano Mission Software 58% (Issue 4, p11) An excellent idea spoiled to some extent by the actual program.
Mission Impossible Silversoft Ltd 80% (Issue 1, p14) Good and addictive, recommended.
Mission Jupiter Code Masters Ltd 56% (Issue 44, p27) A pleasant little shoot-'em-up.
Mission Omega Mind Games 75% (Issue 32, p82) This game really is worth taking a closer look at.
Mission Omega Pulsonic 54% (Issue 5, p36) Felt to be one of the best of a rather poor offering.
Molecule Man Mastertronic Ltd 85% (Issue 30, p33) An excellent piece of budget software.
Monkey Bizness Artic Computing Ltd 65% (Issue 3, p88) Above average to good.
Monopoly Leisure Genius 88% (Issue 19, p120) An excellent transfer, pass GO and get it!
Monster Haggisoft 84% (Issue 52, p39) Has more depth than the average full priced offering.
Monte Carlo Casino Code Masters Ltd 84% (Issue 67, p43) If you are addicted to gambling, but can't afford this expensive hobby, get this!
Monty is Innocent Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 78% (Issue 14, p122) Nice graphics, shame about the game.
Monty on the Run Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 20, p12) A great improvement over last year's Best Platform Game.
Monty on the Run Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 74% (Issue 70, p49) Slightly aged, but still busting with playability.
Monty Python's Flying Circus Virgin Games Ltd 75% (Issue 80, p46) An admirable job on a difficult theme: comedy on computer.
Moon Alert Ocean Software Ltd 89% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 6, p48) Very addictive, playable and generally very good.
Moonbuggy Anirog Software 73% (Issue 5, p86) Good value and reasonably addictive, very playable.
Moon Buggy Visions Software Factory 58% (Issue 4, p124) Average to good, medium addictive.
Moon Cresta Incentive Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 14, p20) Excellent, playable, addictive and good value for shoot em up freaks.
Moonlighter Software Super Savers Ltd 48% (Issue 12, p135) Average game, which represents reasonable value for money.
Moonlight Madness Bubble Bus Software 56% (Issue 33, p37) A sequel to Booty which doesn't seem to have progressed from the first game by John Cain.
Moon Strike Mirrorsoft Ltd 77% (Issue 45, p17) A super shoot-'em-up with a humourous edge.
Moontorc Atlantis Software Ltd 85% (Issue 96, p64) A rather spiffy game, especially the small but colourful, nicely detailed backgrounds.
Moon Walker - The Computer Game US Gold Ltd 70% (Issue 72, p48) Neatly packaged and tuneful average to good games, not bad.
Mordon's Quest Melbourne House 80% (Issue 19, p92) Very good; a long, atmospheric game.
Moron Spaceship Atlantis Software Ltd 80% (Issue 34, p97) Fun.
Morris Meets the Bikers Automata UK Ltd 74% (Issue 1, p43) Good.
Motorbike Madness Mastertronic Ltd 20% (Issue 61, p67) Control is extraordinarily fiddly and every time you die you have to reload the course.
Motor Massacre Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 29% (Issue 63, p76) A good idea let down by awful programming.
Motos Mastertronic Added Dimension 74% (Issue 45, p15) Motos is a strange licence - but it's addictive and fun.
Mountain Bike Racer Zeppelin Games Ltd 62% (Issue 75, p46) Fun for a while but with the annoying game play and lack of sound you'll soon get fed up with it.
Mountain Bike Simulator Code Masters Ltd 59% (Issue 91, p60) Frustratingly crap or simply quite jolly? Depends how easily you're entertained, really.
Mountains of Ket Incentive Software Ltd 73% (Issue 2, p100) This is certainly one to ponder over and come back to.
Mount Challenge Aasvoguelle Productions 76% (Issue 18, p120) A highly unusual, addictive, difficult game demanding a sense of rhythm and fast reflexes, a bit let down by the standard looking graphics.
Mountie Mick's Death Ride Reaktor 47% (Issue 43, p30) Mark and Paul could see nothing good here, but Nick enjoyed the game within its limits, which brought the averages up quite a bit.
Movie Imagine Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p20) A neat development on the 3D theme with a very different scenario.
Movie Premiere Elite Systems Ltd 63% (Issue 96, p65) A mixture of excellence and old tosh.
Moving Target Players Premier Software 78% (Issue 69, p47) A great blast and should give you hours of play.
Mr. Heli Firebird Software Ltd 76% (Issue 69, p44) An initially playable shoot-'em-up that may lack long term interest.
Mrs. Mopp Computasolve 69% (Issue 1, p79) Good.
Mrs. Mopp Computasolve 70% (Issue 10, p51) Good.
Mr. T's Alphabet Games Ebury Software (Issue 14, p112) An excellent package which has been very carefully structured and is clearly explained.
Mr. Weems and the She Vampires Piranha 64% (Issue 41, p104) Effective enter and destroy game of reasonable addictivity, slightly spoiled by over-busy graphics.
Mr. Wimpy Ocean Software Ltd 77% (Issue 2, p76) Very good.
Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry Artic Computing Ltd 62% (Issue 7, p12) Above average, but not over addictive.
Mugsy Melbourne House 73% (Issue 6, p50) An unusual, original presentation for a somewhat simple strategy game - a game that points the way forward, without, perhaps, doing itself enough justice.
Mugsy's Revenge Melbourne House 67% (Issue 29, p118) A rather disappointing follow up to a great game.
Multimixx 3 Kixx 55% (Issue 90, p48) 1943, Street Fighter and the excellent Bionic Commando.
Multimixx 4 Kixx 80% (Issue 98, p81) Gauntlet, The Deeper Dungeons and Gauntlet II.
Multi Player Soccer Manager D&H Games 45% (Issue 82, p56) A competent, if lacklustre addition to the soccer manager genre.
Mummy! Mummy! MC Lothlorien Ltd 55% (Issue 5, p35) Average if you can understand it.
Munsters, The Again Again 71% (Issue 61, p62) A scary good time but very tough.
Murder Most Foul Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p109) For upper primary children this adventure is an enjoyable and motivational resource.
Music Computer Tutor (Issue 17, p85) This is a value-for-money package which would provide a novice piano student with much enjoyment.
Music Box 128 Melbourne House (Issue 32, p57) If you were only going to buy one music program, then buy this.
Music Machine Ram Electronics Ltd (Issue 34, p118) This is one of the best all round music add-ons for the Spectrum that I've seen.
Music Maker Bellflower Software (Issue 16, p56) The program is a bit limiting.
Musicmaster Sinclair Research Ltd 67% (Issue 5, p63) Within its BASIC limitations and that of the Spectrum itself, this turns out to be an interesting program that should provide fun and entertainment - but it has got its limitations.
Musicmaster Sinclair Research Ltd (Issue 16, p55) It's a realistic way of converting a Spectrum into a misic processor.
Music Teacher 1 & 2 Childsplay Software (Issue 29, p76) The games could be more imaginative and make more use of colour and graphics.
Music Typewriter Music Soft (Issue 11, p79) An ideal passtime for any lingering musicist.
Music Typewriter 1 Music Soft (Issue 16, p60) Not for the cokplete beginner, it is not intended as an educational program.
Mutant Ant Attack Calisto 71% (Issue 5, p37) A good, original games and very addictive.
Mutant Fortress Players Premier Software 81% (Issue 72, p58) This will provide a challenge to even the best player out there.
Mutant Monty and the Temple of Doom Artic Computing Ltd 77% (Issue 14, p14) A very good game, perhaps a bit too tough.
Mutants Ocean Software Ltd 58% (Issue 43, p16) Initially interesting but offers little long-term challenge.
Myla Di'Kaich Global Software 44% (Issue 26, p36) Aged format provides nothing new and the low price doesn't make up for the fact.
My Name is Uncle Groucho,
You Win a Fat Cigar
Automata UK Ltd 66.5% (Issue 1, p41) Hard to define, everyone seemed unsure of an exact definition beyond 'if you liked Pimania, you'll like this.'
Myself and Us Keysoft (Issue 44, p94) Excellent and enjoyable.
Mystery Manor Bamby Software 10% (Issue 5, p75) This game is unlikely to offer more than 15 minutes' entertainment even to the most undemanding.
Mystery of Arkham Manor Apocalypse Software 63% (Issue 43, p73) Flawed, but an original idea.
Mystery of the Nile Zigurat Software 74% (Issue 46, p27) A simple arcade adventure with humourous touches.
Mystical Infogrames 68% (Issue 90, p42) Good, entertaining action but lacks sufficient originality and variation.
Myth Rainbird Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 68, p45) A brilliant, occasionally tricky trip into mythology with plenty of amusement.
Myth: History in the Making System 3 Software Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 70, p41)  Great on brawn, great on brain, great on graphics. A winner!


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum