Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Xanthius Players Software 60% (Issue 48, p171)  Great graphics but not much playability.
Xarax Firebird Software Ltd 52% (Issue 51, p102) In a market full of monochrome vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups, Xarax is easily forgotten.
Xarq Electric Dreams Software  59% (Issue 32, p30) A supercharged Panzadrome that's a bit too fast to be playable.
Xavior PSS 71% (Issue 13, p46) Above average to good.
Xcel Activision Inc 75% (Issue 23, p14) Technically excellent, graphically stunning, but not really that much gameplay.
Xecutor ACE Software 84% (Issue 45, p134) A superb shoot-'em-up - a must for anyone who liked Zynaps - getting The Edge's new ACE label off to a fiery start.
Xen Super Sparklers 64% (Issue 39, p118) A brave attempt to simulate Lightforce, but lacks that games playability.
Xeno A'n'F Software 86% (Issue 35, p27) A fast and furious 'futuresport': well worth a look.
Xenon Melbourne House 84% (Issue 62, p17) A very good conversion of the popular Arcadia coin-op.
Xenon Melbourne House 70% (Issue 87, p50) Great presentation but the gameplay's looking a bit old now.
Xenophobe Micro Style 83% (Issue 71, p68) An excellent Alien-esque blast-'em-up to give your trigger finger a good workout.
Xevious US Gold Ltd 64% (Issue 37, p104) A straightforward shoot 'em up.
Xor Logotron Ltd 58% (Issue 46, p23) A challenging puzzle game with little long-term appeal.
X-Out Rainbow Arts 73% (Issue 73, p42) Essentially playable wholly unoriginal shoot 'em up prone to a mixed reception.
Xo-Word and Anagrams  Azed Software 64% (Issue 27, p30) Bound to appeal to word puzzlers, a useful utility combined with a passable game.
Xybots Domark Ltd 82% (Issue 66, p40) Fast 'n 'furious blasting with a neat view point.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum