Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Quack-Shot Sparklers 86% (Issue 18, p22) A very good game especially when you consider the price.
Quad Trap Style Soft 48% (Issue 17, p22) Lack of response spoils it.
Quann Tulla 8th Day Software 80% (Issue 22, p126) Good.
Quartet Activision Inc 36% (Issue 42, p22) A tired an unchallenging arcade game from Sega.
Quattro Adventure Code Masters Ltd 85% (Issue 89, p35) Vampire - Ghost Hunter - Super Robin Hood - Dizzy.
Quattro Combat Code Masters Ltd 66% (Issue 89, p35) Death Stalker - SAS Combat Sim - Ninja Massacre - Arcade Flight Sim.
Quattro Fighters Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 96, p59) Guardian Angel - Kamikaze - MiG 29 - SAS Combat.
Quattro Firepower Code Masters Ltd 72% (Issue 89, p35) 3D Star Fighter - MiG 29 - Operation Gunship - Terra Cognita.
Quattro Power Code Masters Ltd 80% (Issue 89, p35) Moto X - Twin Turbo V8 - Pro Powerboat - ATV Sim.
Quattro Racers Code Masters Ltd 89% (Issue 89, p35) BMX 2 - Championship Jet Ski - ATV Sim - BMX Freestyle.
Quattro Sports Code Masters Ltd 86% (Issue 89, p35) Grand Prix Sim - Super Sprint - Pro Ski Sim - Pro Snooker Sim.
Quattro Super Hits Code Masters Ltd 79% (Issue 89, p35) Super Stuntman - Super Tank - Super Hero - KGB Super Spy.
Quazatron Hewson Consultants Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p136)  An excellent game.
Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The  Network Adventure Games  88% (Issue 56, p57) As long as they keep releasing products as slick and innovative as this, there's hope for adventure yet.
Quest for the Holy Grail, The Dream Software Ltd 73% (Issue 4, p117): Unusual, amusing and good value for money.
Quest for the Holy Grail, The Dream Software Ltd 70% (Issue 24, p168) Good value.
Quest for the Poorly Snail Futuresoft 65% (Issue 58, p40) This offers some whacky amusement for all but the most serious adventure fans - just try typing WAIT for a laugh.
Question of Sport, A Elite Systems Ltd 48% (Issue 61, p58) Sports buffs won't like it because it's too easy, while sports-haters won't like it anyway!
Questprobe 1: The Hulk Adventure International 80% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 8, p72) Good.
Questprobe 2: Spiderman Adventure International 80% (Issue 14, p98) Very good.
Questprobe 3: Human Torch and the Thing  Adventure International 56% (Issue 30, p76) Disappointing.
Quetzalcoatl Virgin Games Ltd 56% (Issue 1, p101) An average 3D maze game, with better than average graphics.
Quick Draw McGraw Hi-Tec Software Ltd 70% (Issue 89, p41) If you fancy a quick blast to get away from brain boggling games then get out your best trigger finger and have a rootin', tootin' good time!
Quick Thinking Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 44, p95) A good, value-for-money package.
Quill Adventure System, The Gilsoft International (Issue 4, p49) Even if you are not thinking of writing adventures in order to market them, this is a massively worthwhile investment.
Quiz-Timer Macmillan Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p138) An excellent multi-feature game which provides superb value for money.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum