Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
P-47 The Freedom Fighter Firebird Software Ltd 71% (Issue 74, p44) World War II vintage shoot-'em-up action for old faithfuls.
Pacland Grandslam Entertainments Ltd/ 
Quicksilva Ltd
73% (Issue 63, p81) Pac fans will love it, but others probably won't.
Pac-Mania Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 82% (Issue 59, p10) A very competent conversion of the coin-op. Not very original but very playable all the same.
Paddington and the Disappearing Ink  Collins Educational (Issue 28, p79) Letter and Typewriter could be the answer to a prayer if your child hates writing letters! With a printer attached, the games provide for hours of fun, and represent a worthwhile learning experience.
Paintbox Print'n'Plotter Productions (Issue 2, p72) Good.
Paint Plus Print'n'Plotter Productions (Issue 21, p100) This suite deals with the screen and UDG creation.
Pandemonia CRL Group PLC 76% (Issue 5, p92) A good, hard 'Panic' with frills, addictive if you can cope with the speed and good value.
Pang Ocean Software Ltd 81% (Issue 82, p52) A fast and very playable balloon shoot-'em-up - moves like greased lightning.
Panther Mastertronic Ltd 83% (Issue 69, p47) Original, well presented, playable and provides a challenge for even the hardened gamesplayer.
Panzadrome Ariolasoft UK Ltd 77% (Issue 24, p13) A very good idea that is let down a bit by the execution.
Panzer Attack MC Lothlorien Ltd (Issue 14, p125) Gave me a headache.
Paperboy Elite Systems Ltd 88% (Issue 33, p18) Another slick, playable conversion from Elite.
Paperboy Elite Systems Ltd 67% (Issue 70, p49) Playable and will keep you occupied for some time.
Paperboy 2 Mindscape International Inc 83% (Issue 96, p62) More of the same for Paperboy fans and a great arcade conversion for newcomers.
Para Assault Course Zeppelin Games Ltd 69% (Issue 65, p21) Play this for too long and your arm will feel as if it's been sat on by a large gorilla!
Parabola Firebird Software Ltd 63% (Issue 41, p15) Well presented budget game on an old theme of moderate addictiveness.
Paratroopers Rabbit Software Ltd 62% (Issue 2, p101) Good, but not very addictive.
Paris to Dakar Code Masters Ltd 50% (Issue 92, p61) A simple - and fast - race game with the added bonus of three vehicles to choose.
Park Patrol Firebird Software Ltd 48% (Issue 46, p117) A dull collecting game with a humourous touch.
Party Time Computer Tutor (Issue 19, p103) Highly recommended.
Passing Shot Image Works 85% (Issue 69, p40) A well programmed and very playable tennis game cum simulation.
Pathfinder Widgit Software Ltd (Issue 2, p99) Should prove very entertaining to play as well as providing a very real challenge.
Pat the Postman Mikro-Gen Ltd 52% (Issue 2, p74) Above average.
Pawn, The Rainbird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 41, p58)  Really engaging, complex adventuring.
Paws Artic Computing Ltd 78% (Issue 19, p37) An attractive and mildly challenging game.
Pazazz ASK Software (Issue 37, p50) This is a very different type of program. Once children have mastered the instructions, they should enjoy making their own performances.
Pedro Imagine Software Ltd 63% (Issue 4, p84) Fair to average.
Pegasus Bridge PSS 78% (Issue 48, p136) An interesting challenge and a good game.
Pengy Micromania 72% (Issue 3, p108) Above average to good, and reasonably addictive.
Pentagram Ultimate Play The Game 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p134)  Sabreman fans can't afford to miss this one!
Percy the Potty Pigeon Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 70% (Issue 12, p38) Good, but varied opinions from reviewers.
Perfume Hunter, The Fernleaf Educational Software (Issue 34, p59) Useful for getting children to cooperate.
Pete N' Barry Impact Software 58% (Issue 16, p30) Very nice graphics but the game is a bit old hat.
Peter Beardsley's International Football  Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 22% (Issue 59, p188) It plays almost as badly as England!
Peter Pack-Rat Silverbird Software Ltd 85% (Issue 63, p83) A simple 'platform and ladders' game, it's amazingly addictive.
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradonna Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 42% (Issue 37, p110) Part of what could be a good football game - as it is, there's not enough.
Phantomas Dinamic Software 64% (Issue 35, p34) Indifferent little aardvark.
Phantom Club Ocean Software Ltd 55% (Issue 48, p164) A disappointing 3-D cliché from the great programmer of M.O.V.I.E.
Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles Zeppelin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 94, p59) Not an immediately playable game but lots of fun when you understand it.
Philosopher's Quest Topologika 85% (Issue 54, p52) Its convoluted puzzles, tantalising locations and unexpectedly awkward twists are bound to keep you playing feverishly for quite some time.
Phineas Frogg Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 38, p48) A program not to be missed. Funny, visually pleasing, challenging - this game has all the qualities to appeal to children of all ages! Let's have some more Phineas Frogg adventures.
P.H.M. Pegasus Electronic Arts 79% (Issue 50, p23) Lucasfilm captures the excitement of guiding a gunship - PHM Pegasus should appeal to all ageing Elite fans.
Photosynthesis AVP Computing (Issue 44, p95) A useful aid which makes a very difficult topic much more accessible.
Physics AVP Computing (Issue 30, p48) An excellent and serious revision aid for the 'O' Grade student. The 'test-making' option makes this a flexible package which is superb value for money.
Physics Charles Letts & Co (Issue 26, p76) Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!
Physics Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p59) A student using this package would certainly need the advice of a teacher.
Physics Visions Software (Issue 48, p54) The four packages provide a comprehensive revision course.
Pi-Balled Automata UK Ltd 82% (Issue 3, p20) Very good, unusual and reasonably addictive.
Pick 'n' Pile Ubi Soft Ltd 56% (Issue 84, p75) Lacklustre puzzle game that doesn't go anywhere.
Pictionary Domark Ltd 82% (Issue 71, p66) A smashing board game conversion to deliver plenty of laughter and fun.
Picture Logic Addison-Wesley Productions (Issue 19, p102) The slowness of the response to commands spoils an otherwise excellent program. The documentation is of a high standard, but the programming detracts from the advantages of the language it seeks to emulate - LOGO.
Pi-Eyed Automata UK Ltd 57% (Issue 2, p73) May appeal to Pimaniacs, playable but not very addictive.
Piggy Bug-Byte Software Ltd 7% (Issue 50, p97) Piggy is terrible - and Bug Byte must know that.
Pi-In-'Ere Automata UK Ltd 77% (Issue 11, p23) Good, playable and reasonably addictive.
Pinball Power Mastertronic Plus 42% (Issue 76, p48) Will keep fans of the game occupied for at least half an hour.
Pinball Power Mastertronic Plus 40% (Issue 85, p55) A very basic pinball simulation and lacks lastability.
Pinball Wizard C.P. Software 71% (Issue 4, p126) Good to very good, and addictive.
Ping Pong Imagine Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 28, p112) A highly playable and enjoyable sports simulation.
Pink Panther Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 34% (Issue 57, p24) This panther's rosy colour must surely be due to appearing in such an embarrassing tie-in!
Pioneer Atlantis Software Ltd 67% (Issue 10, p140) Average, though good value for money.
Pipeline Viper Software 76% (Issue 19, p39) Slightly above average.
Pipe Mania Empire Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 77, p42) A manic puzzle game - it's the fun way to drive yourself round the bend!
Piromania Strange Loop 70% (Issue 11, p16) An unusual game, with high playability and reasonably addictive.
Pi-R Squared Mind Games 70% (Issue 45, p124) An enjoyable and fast-moving puzzle game.
Pit-Fighter Domark Ltd 27% (Issue 95, p59) Oh dear, whatever's happened to the ace coin-op? It's been poorly converted, that's what!
Pit-Stop Avalon Software Ltd 48% (Issue 7, p46) Poor to fair of its type, generally poor.
Planet 10 Mastertronic Ltd 26% (Issue 68, p49 ) Throughly enjoyable and highly addictive!
Planetfall Argus Press Software Ltd 68% (Issue 8, p101) Above average to good, with one reviewer not enjoying it at all. Good value for larger groups who like this type of game.
Planet Mathematics Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) This multi-level maths test program is aimed at 7-10-year-olds.
Planetopoly Celerysoft 48% (Issue 32, p83) Flawed in as much as it could have offered so much more.
Planets, The Martech Games Ltd 85% (Issue 30, p30) A large and complex game that takes some playing through!
Plasma Ball Atlantis Software Ltd 69% (Issue 64, p29) Will keep you occupied for a fair while, if you don't first throw the computer out of the window in frustration.
Platoon Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 50, p90) Very playable and very hard - one of the best film tie-ins we've seen to date.
Play, Type and Transpose Hilton Computer Services Ltd 10% (Issue 16, p61) Several years ago it would have been 'state of the art' but the art has advanced by leaps since, and left it far behind.
Play Your Cards Right Britannia Software Ltd 38% (Issue 27, p18) A bit yawn-inducing unless you're a real Brucie Groupie!
Plotting Ocean Software Ltd 86% (Issue 81, p37) Wonderful puzzle game - simple to learn, addictive, and attractive!
Pluggit Blaby Computer Games 62.5% (Issue 1, p93) An average to good game, but could have done with a start key - autostart loses you getting ready time.
Plummet! Interceptor Micros Software 61% (Issue 12, p91) Lacks addictivity and scope, only average at a steep price.
Plus 3 Adventures Mastertronic Ltd 75% (Issue 56, p58) Its three games certainly represent an unusual departure from the traditional adventure mould.
Plus 80 Word Manager Oxford Computer Publishing (Issue 26, p88) All in all, a tasty package.
Pneumatic Hammers Firebird Software Ltd 18% (Issue 43, p25) No interest at all.
P.O.D. (Proof of Destruction) Mastertronic Ltd 21% (Issue 51, p111) A very poor shoot 'em up with little lastability.
Podder Central Solutions 54% (Issue 31, p109) Quite respectable, especially at the price.
Pogo Ocean Software Ltd 87% (Issue 4, p84) Addictive, fun and very good value for money.
Pogostick Olympics Silverbird Software Ltd 20% (Issue 55, p15) It's probably safer to stick to the real thing.
Poker Ducksoft 63% (Issue 20, p38) A very good version of a well tried game.
Polearn Sheol Software 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 68, p44) Great interactive ghost story which is incredibly intriguing and addictive.
Pole Position Atarisoft 68% (Issue 12, p81) Above average, but pricey.
Police Patrol Quiz Flexibase Software (Issue 56, p108) The colour and graphics of this program are quite attractive, but the sound effects tend to be uncontrollably irritating.
Pool CDS Microsystems 77% (Issue 6, p40) Felt to be the best Spectrum version, a very well done implementation and good value for money.
Popeye DK'Tronics Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 20, p72) A very attractive, cunningly programmed game.
Popeye 2 Alternative Software Ltd 60% (Issue 88, p48) For a game that's aimed towards younger games players I think it's a little tough.
Poseidon: Planet Eleven Hi-Tec Software Ltd 46% (Issue 82, p56) Nothing new but it's a reasonable arcade adventure.
Postman Pats Trail Game Longman Software (Issue 19, p102) Quite good for the very young pre-school child. Five and six year olds find it rather uninspiring.
Postman Pat - The Computer Game Alternative Software Ltd 62% (Issue 72, p57) A fun game for a while, but once you've completed all the tasks the novelty soon wears off.
Potsworth and Co. Hi-Tec Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 97, p60) A fun, addictive conversion of the blockbusting cartoon.
Potty Painter Rabbit Software Ltd 60% (Issue 2, p12) Average, but reasonably addictive
Potty Planter Mogul Communications Ltd 46% (Issue 4, p83) Fair
Powerama, The Power House 61% (Issue 54, p21) An addictive little shoot 'em up representing good value for money.
Power Drift Activision Inc 81% (Issue 71, p70) A tough conversion admirably and playably accomplished.
Power Drift Activision Inc 71% (Issue 95, p63) A game worthy of purchase at budget price, but don't expect too much.
Powerplay - Game of the Gods Players Software 82% (Issue 60, p30) It only starts to lose some appeal when the questions run out.
Power Up Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 89, p35) An excellent pack, you'll be stuck to your screen for ages!
Predator Activision Inc 66% (Issue 51, p100) If only the game lived up to the inlay...
Predator 2 Image Works 75% (Issue 88, p48) Blast-'em-up fans are well catered for in Predator 2 - it's fast-paced action all the way.
Prehistorical Adventure Crusader Computing 84% (Issue 35, p69) Solid, fascinating adventure.
Prelude to D-Day Central Solutions 60% (Issue 28, p90) Two very average games for an average price.
President Addictive Games Ltd 29% (Issue 42, p32) A game old-fashioned in appearance, lacking in real challenge, and short on appeal.
Price of Magik, The Level 9 Computing Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 30, p75) Excellent adventuring.
Prince, The CCS (Issue 12, p158) A real step forward in computer games. Makes Sabre Wulf look like Atic Atac.
Print Shop CCS (Issue 40, p105) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Prisoner, The Stephen Preston 78% (Issue 30, p78) Good.
Prison Riot Players Premier Software 80% (Issue 82, p43) An excellent arcade adventure.
Prize, The Arcade Software 69% (Issue 6, p59) Fairly addictive, playable and with good incentive.
Prodigy, The Electric Dreams Software 68% (Issue 34, p136) Once mastered, the game is exciting to play and quite addictive.
Professional Adventure Writer Gilsoft International 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 40, p54) I found the program exciting and am excited by its possible achievements.
Professional BMX Simulator Code Masters Plus 73% (Issue 57, p92) A definite improvement over its predecessor, but still frustrating.
Professional Footballer Cult Games 25% (Issue 92, p63) As it stands it's unambitious with an infuriating training method.
Professional Go-Kart Simulator Zeppelin Games Ltd 66% (Issue 81, p47) Suffers from a lack of solid playability to keep you coming back for more.
Professional Golf Simulator Code Masters Ltd 69% (Issue 81, p41) A reasonable attempt at putting the sport onto a computer.
Professional Skateboard Simulator Code Masters Ltd 72% (Issue 61, p66) Once the odd control system is mastered, the game proves very playable.
Professional Ski Simulator Code Masters Ltd 79% (Issue 46, p29) A challenging, playable simulation with some frustrating flaws.
Professional Soccer CRL Group PLC 76% (Issue 63, p85) A fine football management game with plenty of lasting appeal.
Pro Golf Atlantis Software Ltd 26% (Issue 37, p121) Probably not very entertaining, even if you like golf simulations.
Pro Golf 2 Atlantis Software Ltd 30% (Issue 49, p24) For unchoosy golf fans - at least it's cheaper than the real gear.
Prohibition Infogrames 59% (Issue 43, p31) A straightforward shoot-'em-up with an original scenario which could have led to a great game.
Project Future Micromania 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 14, p44) Very good, addictive and everything works really well.
Project-X: Micro Man 1 Compass Software 60% (Issue 20, p95) Good value at £2.99
Project-X: Micro Man 1 Compass Software 60% (Issue 27, p71) Good value.
Project-X: Micro Man 2: O-Zone Compass Software 65% (Issue 42, p59) Skirts around the Oh! zone.
Project X: Micro Man 3: Micro Mutant Compass Software 80% (Issue 93, p52) Nifty effects give the whole adventure a busy atmosphere.
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator Alternative Software Ltd 70% (Issue 72, p56) The game is good fun and well worth spending some time on.
Pro Power Boat Simulator Code Masters Ltd 82% (Issue 68, p48) I recommend this to every true arcade gamester - truly exhilarating.
Prospector, The Tartan Software 71% (Issue 46, p104) Competent.
Protector Mastertronic Plus 4% (Issue 69, p47) If you live life in the fast lane, by all means get this.
Pro Tennis Simulator Code Masters Ltd 72% (Issue 81, p43) One of the better tennis games around.
Pro Tennis Tour Ubi Soft Ltd 61% (Issue 73, p40) Fans are advised to take a look at this.
Proteus Abacus Programs 66% (Issue 3, p116) For players with fast fingers, an addictive game.
Prowler Mastertronic Ltd 14% (Issue 53, p95) A terrible flight sim lacking atmosphere and addictiveness.
Psi 5 Trading Company US Gold Ltd 58% (Issue 40, p31) A great game that has somehow lost potential in implementation; more appealing to strategists than arcade players.
Psi-Spy Postern Ltd 47% (Issue 6, p61) Fair, very hard to play and a bit pricey.
Psychedelia Llamasoft (Issue 15, p20) An unusual program with many applications to the user. Definitely out of the mainstream, however, and appeal may be limited.
Psycho Hopper Mastertronic Plus 71% (Issue 76, p46) A fun game with some cute graphics, but I doubt if anyone will be playing it for very long.
Psycho Pigs U.X.B. US Gold Ltd 70% (Issue 53, p96) Initially addictive, but lacking any long-lasting appeal.
Psycho Soldier Imagine Software Ltd 76% (Issue 49, p86) A playable but lacklustre follow-up to the successful Athena.
Psytraxx, The Edge Software 69% (Issue 10, p19) A large-sized game which was generally felt to be above average to good, but over-priced.
Psytron Beyond Software 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 5, p8) Well planned, designed and implemented, very addictive and overall excellent value for money. Highly recommended.
Pub Games Alligata Software Ltd 77% (Issue 34, p153) A very well thought out set of simulations.
Pub Trivia Simulator Code Masters Ltd 73% (Issue 73, p47) Even if you play the one player game you can get hours of enjoyment out of it.
Pud Pud in Weird World Ocean Software Ltd 75% (Issue 15, p32) A slick, glossy, high quality package as one expects from Ocean, but perhaps lacking in addictivity.
Puffy's Saga Ubi Soft Ltd 58% (Issue 70, p56) Gauntlet meets Pac-Man in this average maze game.
Pulsator Martech Games Ltd 66% (Issue 42, p33) A playable maze game with less lasting appeal than expected.
Pulse Warrior Mastertronic Ltd 46% (Issue 58, p23) Fails to hold your interest for long.
Punchy, Mr. Micro Ltd 88% (Issue 2, p14) Excellent.
Punctuation Pete Heinemann (Issue 5, p67) A little pricey, but an excellent program.
Punctuation Pete Heinemann (Issue 37, p49) A very good package, with an excellent booklet giving ideas for extension work.
Purple Saturn Day Exxos 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p62) A challenging variant on Earth-bound Olympics games.
Push Off Software Projects Ltd 85% (Issue 1, p82) Very good to excellent.
Puzznic Ocean Software Ltd 80% (Issue 83, p50) Straight jackets ahoy with another hair-tearing puzzle from Ocean.
Pyjamarama Mikro-Gen Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p8) Highly addictive, playable, good value - excellent.
Pyracurse Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 31, p116) A quality development on the 3D arcade adventure front.
Pyramid, The Fantasy Software 83% (Issue 2, p25) Addictive, playable and excellent value for money.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum