Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Babaliba Dinamic Software 48% (Issue 19, p16) Dated, perhaps a good toddler starter kit.
Backpackers Guide to the Universe  Fantasy Software 83% (Issue 12, p34) Perhaps lacking on the action side, otherwise an original and excellent program.
Back to Skool Microsphere 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p10)  An excellent sequel to an excellent game, bound to please Skool Daze fans.
Back to the Future Electric Dreams Software 42% (Issue 28, p31) A very expensive disappointment, and annoying to see Commodore screens used so largely on the packaging.
Back to the Future 2 Image Works 57% (Issue 81, p39) All in all, getting a product that ties in well with the movie appears to have been the real thought for the programmers, with gameplay behind somewhere.
Back to the Future 3 Image Works 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 86, p54) An excellent game, following the film closely - very addictive!
Badlands Domark Ltd 68% (Issue 83, p67) Sadly overshadowed by superior counterpart Super Off Road.
Ballblazer Activision Inc 71% (Issue 28, p18) A neat reaction game which somehow doesn't quite come off.
Ball Breaker CRL Group PLC 64% (Issue 46, p30) A playable and new twist on an ageing theme.
Ball Breaker 2 CRL Group PLC 56% (Issue 52, p16) A poor follow up to the original. No improvements - if anything a bit slower.
Ball Crazy Mastertronic Added Dimension  73% (Issue 42, p34) Novel variation on the old Q-Bert theme offers loads of fun and moderate addictiveness.
Ballooning Heinemann 76% (Issue 5, p64) A good educational program, which rises to the levels of a compelling game in its own right.
Balls, Boots and Brains Alternative Software Ltd 38% (Issue 98, p72) The Double - Rugby Boss - Australian Rulees - Soccer Challenge. Two dull and two crap.
Barbarian Melbourne House 81% (Issue 56, p96) A great hack 'n' slay game that keeps you fighting to the bitter end.
Barbarian Palace Software 85% (Issue 41, p114) Probably the best beat 'em up yet, playable, addictive and worth the steep price.
Barbarian 2: The Dungeons of Drax Palace Software 81% (Issue 60, p19) An epic sequel which is really more of a arcade adventure than a beat-'em-up.
Barbarian 2: The Dungeons of Drax Palace Software 71% (Issue 83, p53) A basic beat-'em-up maybe worth having just to watch the great animation.
Barchou Central Solutions 29% (Issue 31, p110) Virtually unplayable.
Bard's Tale, The Electronic Arts 86% (Issue 55, p55) Adventure enthusiasts should definitely give it a try.
Barreldrop Games Machine Ltd 65% (Issue 1, p15) Good value, perhaps low on addictivity.
Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing Gamestar 88% (Issue 25, p19) An excellent boxing game.
Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing  Gamestar 54% (Issue 64, p30) For bored boxing fans only.
Basic Mathematics Scetlander (Issue 50, p72) The subject matter could quite easily have been made more appealing to children.
Basic Mathematics Scetlander (Issue 53, p43) This suite does act as a very helpful reinforcement aid for the slower learner.
Basil the Great Mouse Detective Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 73% (Issue 47, p122) A simple tie-in which Gremlin intends for the youngest players.
Basket Master Dinamic Software 73% (Issue 51, p109) Attractive, enjoyable and action-packed - but the computer opponent is much too hard for beginners.
Bat Attack, 3D Cheetahsoft Ltd 51% (Issue 6, p109) Our reviewers' opinions ranged from poor, to fair/average to above average, but felt that at almost £7 it was pricey for what it offered.
Batman Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 28, p120)  A neatly finished game which does Batman proud.
Batman Ocean Software Ltd 86% (Issue 70, p48) Brilliant graphics and playability.
Batman - The Caped Crusader Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 60, p14) A finely-honed arcade adventure which is surely the best comic licence ever - you'd be batty to miss it.
Batman - The Caped Crusader Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 87, p50) Great puzzles, addictive gameplay and great graphics too!
Batman - The Movie Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 70, p45) A brill and varied humdinger of a film tie-in. No joke!
Battle 1917 CCS 63% (Issue 2, p88) Good of its kind, but a specialised taste.
Battle 1917 CCS (Issue 10, p134) A toy. Nice for eight-year-olds.
Battle Axe Scott G. Johnston 71% (Issue 44, p51) A good homegrown game which looks better than many commercial efforts.
Battle Cars Games Workshop 66% (Issue 13, p47) Mixed opinions, definitely unusual, and a good game for strategy enthusiasts who like some arcade skills thrown in.
Battle Command Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 86, p43) More of a game than a simulation, and very entertaining to boot.
Battle Field Germany PSS 42% (Issue 40, p99) Limited appeal in every sense.
Battle for Midway, The PSS (Issue 18, p126) A reasonable debut (though not very good value); PSS need to target their audience more directly, and stop messing about with arcade hybrids.
Battle of Austerlitz, The KW Software 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p180) Character sketches and limited intelligence make this better than Waterloo.
Battle of Britain Microgame Simulations 46% (Issue 5, p14) A rather simple strategy wargame lacking in action.
Battle of Britain PSS 82% (Issue 37, p96) Recommended as a fast-moving puzzle.
Battle of the Bulge CCS 82% (Issue 81, p47) An excellent strategy game, a few extra options would have made it perfect.
Battle of the Planets, The Mikro-Gen Ltd 71% (Issue 26, p126) Not a bad shoot em up quest.
Battle Ships Encore 78% (Issue 55, p102) Even more fun than the pencil 'n' paper version.
Battle Valley Rack-It 74% (Issue 56, p98) Simple strategy coupled with decent graphics makes Battle Valley much more interesting than the average shoot-'em-up.
Battle Zone Quicksilva Ltd 74% (Issue 11, p15) Good, although a little pricey considering there are other versions which are as good.
Batty Hit-Pak 85% (Issue 44, p109) The best breakout clone we've seen so far.
Bazooka Bill Melbourne House 42% (Issue 38, p16) A poor development on a well-worn theme.
BC's Quest for Tires Software Projects Ltd 46% (Issue 23, p157) Poor conversion of an already poor game.
B.C. Bill Imagine Software Ltd 73% (Issue 9, p12) Mixed feelings from reviewers from average to very good.
Beach Head US Gold Ltd 79% (Issue 10, p14) Good, reasonably addictive, plenty of playability, perhaps over-priced.
Beach Head 2 US Gold Ltd 74% (Issue 24, p15) A lot of options crammed into one game; some may find the gameplay weak.
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers Fantasy Software 75% (Issue 7, p90): Quite mixed feelings between the reviewers - we felt everyone was trying to compare it to Doomsday Castle - which ranged from above average, to good, to very good. Generally recommended.
Beamrider Activision Inc 69% (Issue 14, p47) A good, fast, addictive shoot em up.
Bear Bovver Artic Computing Ltd 90% (Issue 3, p106) Excellent, addictive.
Beast, The Marlin Games 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p111) This represents a major achievement in homegrown adventures.
Beatcha! Romik Software 39% (Issue 11, p48) Poor and confusing.
Beatle Quest Number 9 Software 70% (Issue 27, p73) Psychedelic.
Bedlam AWA Software 78% (Issue 1, p102) Mixed feelings on addictivity, but generally regarded as good value for money.
Bedlam Go! 75% (Issue 51, p108) Probably Go!'s best release yet. The sequential and dual play options add longer lasting appeal. Sadly, ONLY on the 128k Spectrum.
Benny Hill's Madcap Chase! DK'Tronics Ltd 78% (Issue 26, p134) Good first impressions, but no lasting appeal!
Best of the Indies Volume 1 Zenobi Software 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 98, p56) Six splendiferous games for £3.99... this is the adventure bargain of the century!
Bewarehouse Positive Image 66% (Issue 6, p108) Playable, medium addictive and simple, generally a good average game.
Beyond the Ice Palace Elite Systems Ltd 83% (Issue 53, p84) Ghosts 'n' Goblins on a larger scale. Challenging and addictive, at a reasonable price.
Biff Beyond Belief 80% (Issue 98, p70) Puzzle-powered monkey business that'll send you ape!
Big Ben Strikes Again Artic Computing Ltd 42% (Issue 23, p88) Not a wonderful offering; unattractive at £6.95.
Big Foot Code Masters Ltd 47% (Issue 62, p68) Forty controllable characters, eight radio operators and a massive landscape to explore.
Biggles Mirrorsoft Ltd 63% (Issue 30, p12) It seems unfortunate that Mirrorsoft could not have produced a better quality piece of software from potentially interesting subject matter.
Biggles Mirrorsoft Ltd 68% (Issue 61, p40) Disappointing.
Big Nose in the USA Code Masters Ltd 78% (Issue 96, p54) Codemasters nose what they're doin' when it comes to jolly platform games.
Big Sleaze, The Piranha 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 43, p71) A superb read.
Big Trouble in Little China Electric Dreams Software 67% (Issue 40, p121) A well implemented licence with plenty going for it, but it's a high price to pay for slick presentation.
Billboard / Pasteman Pat Silverbird Software Ltd 65% (Issue 63, p82) A devious picture puzzle game.
Bimbles, The Intech 79% (Issue 35, p69) Funny.
Bimbo Joe the Lion 70% (Issue 3, p55) A very good game let down by the control keys and medium addictive.
Biology Charles Letts & Co (Issue 26, p76) Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!
Biology Disney Software (Issue 39, p95) A very comprehensive package, which lends itself to flexible use both in the classroom and in the home.
Biology Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p59) Overall, this is an excellent revision aid.
Bionic Commandos Go! 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 53, p18) The first successful conversion from the new GO!/Capcom deal. Let's hope it continues.
Birds, The Rabbit Software Ltd 49% (Issue 2, p38) Not enough going on to make it really worth the money.
Birds and the Bees, The Bug-Byte Software Ltd 83% (Issue 2, p40) Very good, addictive, recommended.
Birds of Britain Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) Its only deficiency is in the graphical department - no illustrations at all.
Bismarck PSS 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 96, p63) It takes a while to get used to, but it's atmosphere, playability and incredible degree of historical accuracy makes it a real winner.
Bismark PSS 75% (Issue 41, p87) Well produced, with some scope for varied play; not a long-term challenge.
Biz, The Virgin Games Ltd 83% (Issue 14, p21) An unusually absorbing and addictive strategy/simulation with a sense of humour that represents good value.
Blackbeard Topo Soft 81% (Issue 61, p67) It does create a fun atmosphere that will last at least a few weeks.
Black Hawk Creative Sparks 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 8, p6) An excellent, addictive, fast arcade game.
Black Lamp Firebird Software Ltd 57% (Issue 51, p11) Black Lamp looks great, but there's not much game to play.
Black Tiger Go! 78% (Issue 74, p40) Worthy arcade conversion, lacking a touch of dragon's breath.
Black Tower, The Dollarsoft 30% (Issue 9, p68) Too slow.
Blade Alley PSS 85% (Issue 5, p33) A good to excellent game with plenty of arcade appeal, and a game which should prove addictive.
Blade Runner CRL Group PLC 58% (Issue 27, p128) A rather disappointing game, overall.
Blade the Warrior Cable Software 70% (Issue 9, p70) Good.
Blasteroids Image Works 73% (Issue 63, p17) Great fun for a while, especially with two players.
Blast v1.1 Oxford Computer Systems (Issue 20, p88) Not so much a BLAST, more of a Phut.
Blazing Thunder Hi-Tec Software Ltd 63% (Issue 82, p52) Fun for a while but lacking lastability.
Blinky's Scary School Zeppelin Games Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 79, p48) I just can't pull myself away from the game, it's that addictive.
Blip! Silverbird Software Ltd 5% (Issue 61, p66) A serious contender for The World's Worst Games Collection.
Blitzkrieg CCS 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 49, p51) Thoroughly recommended to everyone. Most important of all, it's fun to play.
Blockade Runner Thorn Emi Video Ltd 62.5% (Issue 1, p31) Fairly good, mixed opinions on addictivity.
Block Buster Compusound 76% (Issue 8, p14) Interesting, entertaining and overall, good.
Block-Buster Computer Tutor 60% (Issue 24, p138) Surprisingly difficult for young children. An adult really needs to be on hand all the time for help and advice.
Blockbusters Macsen Software 82% (Issue 13, p52) Excellent family entertainment and a good two-player quiz game, good value.
Blockbusters TV Games 46% (Issue 49, p98) Another quiz game, which we need like an empty H in the H on our shoulders.
Blockbusters: Gold Run Macsen Software 35% (Issue 32, p20) Weak.
Blood Brothers Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 85% (Issue 54, p78) With two stages and three modules Gremlin Graphics have not only provided value for money but also two very attractive and playable games.
Blood Valley Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 41% (Issue 51, p18) One of very few sub-standard releases from Gremlin Graphics, at a very high price.
Bloodwych Image Works 75% (Issue 77, p48) An absorbing collect/slash-'em-up that will keep mappers happy for a long while.
Blue Max US Gold Ltd 78% (Issue 14, p22) Mixed feelings from reviewers ranging from great to okay-ish.
Blue Riband CCS (Issue 12, p159) You have to pilot a large sea ferry around a number of islands. Sounds tedious? It is.
Blue Thunder Richard Wilcox Software 90% (Issue 3, p8) Highly addictive, very good value, generally excellent.
BMX Freestyle Code Masters Ltd 76% (Issue 62, p69) If you think you are skilled enough to do well and stay on your BMX, give this one a whirl.
BMX Kidz Firebird Software Ltd 69% (Issue 50, p100) A poor but playable imitation of Mastertronic's Kikstart 2.
BMX Simulator Code Masters Ltd 63% (Issue 37, p126) Fun at first, but unlikely to appeal for long.
BMX Simulator 2 Code Masters Ltd 42% (Issue 64, p28) For BMX fans with lots of patience only.
Bob's Full House TV Games 48% (Issue 66, p28) Mixed opinions, but repetition of questions is poor for the price you pay.
Bobby Bearing The Edge Software 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 31, p20) A technically stunning game which is addictive and fun to play.
Bobby Yazz Show, The Destiny 85% (Issue 57, p18) A million times better than watching those moronic TV games shows.
Bobsleigh Digital Integration 88% (Issue 47, p17) An addictive simulation with plenty to do.
Bodyswop Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd 
(Issue 14, p111) The 'Notes for Parents' in the package are very helpful indeed, and the program is probably as suitable for younger children as it is for the suggested age range.
Body Works Genesis Productions Ltd (Issue 17, p84) A very comprehensive package, but probably of more use for schools and colleges than for the home market. The animated graphics are superb as a teaching aid.
Boggit, The CRL Group PLC 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 32, p62) Good, witty stuff.
Bomber Bob in Pentagon Capers Bug-Byte Software Ltd 49% (Issue 23, p33): A tricky game to play, nothing special.
Bombjack Elite Systems Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 27, p20) A great arcade conversion, don't miss it.
Bombjack Elite Systems Ltd 84% (Issue 56, p87) Hasn't quite retained the explosive impact it made in issue 27.
Bombjack 2 Elite Systems Ltd 71% (Issue 39, p26) A poor follow-up, which loses its predecessors sparkle.
Bombjack 2 Elite Systems Ltd 65% (Issue 66, p45) Worth it only if you haven't got the original.
Bombscare Dollarsoft 60% (Issue 11, p150) Above average, mildly addictive, though difficult.
Bombscare Firebird Software Ltd 74% (Issue 34, p24) Well implemented, but run of the mill.
Bonkers Procom Software 77.5% (Issue 1, p102) Very good.
Book of the Dead, The The Essential Myth 88% (Issue 41, p64) Very good.
Booty Firebird Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p96) The first budget game to get an unreserved appreciation from Crash, reviewers, playable, addictive and excellent value for money.
Bored of the Rings Delta 4 Software 75% (Issue 18, p99) Quite good.
Bossman Avalon Software Ltd 44% (Issue 7, p52) Fair to average, providing only average opportunities for skill. Probably a good starter for younger children.
Boulder Dash Front Runner 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 12, p74) Highly addictive and playable, original and good value, highly recommended.
Boulder Dash 2: Rockford's Riot Prism Leisure Corporation PLC 84% (Issue 21, p24) Very addictive but the game is getting a little long in the tooth. Above average nonetheless.
Boulder Dash 4 Databyte 73% (Issue 81, p39) Definitely one for all fans of Boulder Dash games.
Bounces Beyond Software 75% (Issue 29, p117) An interesting, playable game that's a bit on the expensive side.
Bouncing Berty & Eskimo Capers Powersoftware 33% (Issue 11, p24) Generally poor to below average.
Bounder Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p132) A very original platform variant, neatly executed.
Bounty Bob Strikes Back US Gold Ltd 85% (Issue 21, p26) A good platform game which combines a lot of extra facilities.
Bowls Lotus-Soft 57% (Issue 1, p19) Fair unless you enjoy quiet sport simulations.
Boxer, The Cult Games 62% (Issue 83, p71) A new style for management games, and quite pleasing it is too...
Boxing Manager Willysoft UK 86% (Issue 50, p82) Enjoyable and good value, though it fails to make its moral point.
Brad Blasts the Galactic Barbarians Express Software Ltd 75% (Issue 4, p90) Good, playable, its addictive qualities may wear after a bit.
Brainache Code Masters Ltd 29% (Issue 40, p22) A failed attempt to bring scrolling to the Spectrum screen.
Brain Damage Silversoft Ltd 69% (Issue 1, p74) Good.
Brainstorm Bubble Bus Software 65% (Issue 23, p15) Not bad for the money, but nothing new or original.
Brainstorm Firebird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 52, p18) The simple ones last longest, and you'll be playing this for months to come. £1.99 for so much pleasure - you can't go wrong.
Brave Starr Go! 46% (Issue 49, p98) Fans of the toys will not be disappointed, others should approach warily.
Braxx Bluff Micromega 87% (Issue 9, p20) Slow starter in affection stakes, proves to be highly addictive and playable, good value.
Breakthru US Gold Ltd 43% (Issue 36, p175) A poor arcade game.
Brian Bloodaxe The Edge Software 86% (Issue 14, p116) Very good to excellent, a tough thinking/skill game.
Brian Clough's Football Fortunes CDS Microsystems 42% (Issue 38, p105) Sorry Brian, I'm going to kick this one into touch.
Brian the Bold Central Solutions 58% (Issue 31, p74) Poor.
Bride of Frankenstein 39 Steps 59% (Issue 43, p83) Good graphics and atmosphere, but uninteresting gameplay.
Bridge Player 3 CP Software (Issue 27, p131) There's no doubt that if you enjoy playing Bridge, that this program has its merits.
Bristles State Soft Ltd 75% (Issue 14, p32) An addictive, clever game of strategy and arcade skill, but over priced.
British Super League Cult Games 50% (Issue 69, p49) The pitch is the size of half the screen, and the players are four pixels high.
Bruce Lee US Gold Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 16, p28) Excellent fun packed game.
Bruce Lee US Gold Ltd 88% (Issue 56, p85) If you haven't got a copy do a flying leg chop in the direction of your local establishment.
Bubble Bobble Firebird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 45, p132) The most playable arcade conversion this year.
Bubble Bobble Firebird Software Ltd 88% (Issue 92, p60) One of the most playable platform games around.
Bubble Buster Sinclair Research Ltd 57% (Issue 6, p12) Fair.
Bubble Dizzy Code Masters Ltd 59% (Issue 95, p58) This is the worst Dizzy game ever.
Bubbler Ultimate Play The Game  78% (Issue 41, p19) Almost back to Ultimate's old standard, although mixed reviewer feelings affect the ratings. Well worth it if you can master the awkward control system.
Bubble Trouble Arcade Software 63% (Issue 2, p71) Above average.
Buccaneer Firebird Software Ltd 49% (Issue 33, p128) There are plenty of shoot 'em ups on the Spectrum that are much better.
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom US Gold Ltd 67% (Issue 20, p124) Neat but too easy for the experienced.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Tynesoft 86% (Issue 67, p39) A very playable, addictive and often funny series of six great games.
Bugaboo (the Flea) Quicksilva Ltd 92% (Issue 1, p15) Very highly recommended.
Bug Blaster Crystal Computing 68% (Issue 3, p83) Good, medium addictive.
Bug-Eyes Icon Software Ltd 62% (Issue 16, p128) Not immensely exciting to play but this is an attractive game and very challenging to master.
Buggy Blast Firebird Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 13, p20) Highly addictive, playable and an excellent shoot em up.
Buggy Boy Elite Systems Ltd 71% (Issue 53, p89) Visually a good conversion, but lacking playability and addictiveness to make it a real winner.
Buggy Boy Elite Systems Ltd 75% (Issue 74, p48) Those of you who loved the arcade machine will love this version.
Bugsy CRL Group PLC 84% (Issue 37, p51) Tries hard to be funny and very often succeeds.
Bulge, The MC Lothlorien Ltd (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 18, p124) An excellent Wargame.
Bull Run Phipps Associates 33% (Issue 3, p29) Poor, and surprising coming from the company who gave us The Forest, Greedy Gulch and Loony Zoo.
Bulls Eye Macsen Software 45% (Issue 33, p116) A straightforward and uninspiring version of the uninspiring TV show.
Bulls Eye Mr. Chip Software 20% (Issue 67, p12) The whole game is dull, flat and feeble.
Bull Tables Lotus-Soft (Issue 2, p99) With three eductioal games the package offers good value for money.
Bump, Set, Spike! Entertainment USA 38% (Issue 34, p132) A very unsatisfying simulation.
Buriabeast Kerian UK Ltd 54% (Issue 7, p37) An average 'Panic' game.
Butcher Hill Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 50% (Issue 64, p80) Gameplay is simple and monotonous; as is presentation. A mediocre military sim.
Butch - Hard Guy Advance Software Ltd 65% (Issue 38, p15) Despite mixed feelings about addictiveness, an above average and playable platformer.
Butterfly Pulsonic 17% (Issue 5, p84) Rubbish.
Buying and Selling AVP Computing (Issue 30, p47) A useful and enjoyable simulation program. The absence of colour if unimportant and makes the screen displays much easier to read. For encouraging thinking and the weighing up of information, this game is invaluable.
By Fair Means...or Foul Superior Software Ltd 34% (Issue 60, p34) A great idea which has been let down by poor programming - it won't knock you out!
Byte, The CCS 57.5% (Issue 1, p75) Average.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne
Sinclair ZX Spectrum