Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Race, The Players Premier Software  41% (Issue 76, p47) All the usual refinements, but when the game is totally unoriginal is it really worth refining?
Race Against Time, The Code Masters Plus 79% (Issue 54, p13) An unusual and attractive approach to the world famine problem.
Racing Predictions Buffer Micro Ltd (Issue 12, p136) Accept this for what it is, with its limitations, and you may keep your shirt on!
Raiders of the Lost Ring Arcade Software 39% (Issue 27, p125) A passable game but a bit expensive given the dated format.
Raid over Moscow US Gold Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 15, p114)  Very good to excellent, mixed feelings on content, but two reviewers thought there was plenty.
Rainbow Islands Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 75, p44) A classic game has inspired a rainbow-brilliant sequel to savour and thrill to!
Rainbow Islands Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 98, p79) You've never played anything like it; it's such a cracker you could be hooked to it for indefinite lengths of time.
Rainy Day CCS 65% (Issue 8, p13) Reasonable value for money, hardly an addictive sort of game, probably good for families and younger children.
Rally Cross Simulator Code Masters 71% (Issue 73, p47) Quite an enjoyable game.
Rally Driver Hill MacGibbon 77% (Issue 13, p21) Good to very good, plenty to do, well executed.
Rally Simulator Zeppelin Games Ltd 27% (Issue 62, p69) A dire car racing game that just has no appeal at all.
Rambo Ocean Software Ltd 79% (Issue 26, p124) Doesn't quite match the hype perhaps, but offers some good arcade playing.
Rambo Ocean Software Ltd 78% (Issue 67, p44) In our opinion beats the new Rambo 3 for playability.
Rambo 3 Ocean Software Ltd 58% (Issue 61, p61) Quite a lot of game for your money, but for the most part second-rate gameplay.
Rambo 3 Ocean Software Ltd 85% (Issue 87, p50) Neat game with arcade adventure section and kill, maim, attack section, too.
Rampage Activision Inc 69% (Issue 49, p13) A competent conversion that should appeal to fans of the original.
Rampage Activision Inc 74% (Issue 72, p56) Packed full of addictiveness and playability.
Ramparts Go! 61% (Issue 52, p17) Rampage has already done what Ramparts wanted to do.
Rana Rama Hewson Consultants Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 38, p108) The most innovative of the Gauntlet clones.
Rapedes Visions Software Factory 61% (Issue 4, p124) Above average to good.
Rapid Fire Mastertronic Ltd 32% (Issue 45, p122) A very inferior shoot-'em-up with little playability.
Rapscallion Bug-Byte Software Ltd 85% (Issue 7, p93) Playable, addictive and very good.
Rasputin Firebird Software Ltd 79% (Issue 27, p138) A complex 3D game which should appeal to fans of the genre.
Rastan Saga, The Imagine Software Ltd 85% (Issue 51, p20) A playable arcade tie-in, although lacking in variation and content - the multi-load is also annoying.
Rastan Saga, The Imagine Software Ltd 83% (Issue 82, p49) So very playable, you can't put it down.
Raster Runner Mastertronic Plus 82% (Issue 76, p47) Really addictive as it is, but it could have been made even better.
Raster Scan Mastertronic Ltd 75% (Issue 40, p118) An unusual concept which has been done justice in execution.
Rats, The Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 70% (Issue 21, p110) Looks nice (apart from scruffy London map).
Rats, The Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 70% (Issue 21, p122) The game is let down by the loading problems and lack of a restart facility.
Rattler Atlantis Software Ltd 53% (Issue 14, p48) A simple game idea which works well because of the playing options, good value for younger players.
Raven, The 8th Day Software 84% (Issue 50, p80) Extremely sophisticated and brings together all the humourous and horrible elements of the 19th century.
R.B.I. Baseball 2 Domark Ltd 86% (Issue 89, p40) This is great but don't expect a simulation-type thing, just a very playable knockabout.
Read–Right–Away - Reading Pack 1  H.S. Software (Issue 44, p94) Two enjoyable programs with built-in flexibility, so you can cater for each child.
Ready, Steady, Go! Alternative Software Ltd 13% (Issue 55, p102) A very basic joystick-waggling game with no appeal.
Real Ghostbusters, The Activision Inc 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 64, p12) Ten big levels and spectacular graphics make for a brilliantly playable game.
Real Ghostbusters, The Activision Inc 73% (Issue 87, p50) Basically, an arcade adventure with ghost shooting larks guaranteed.
Realm, The Willysoft UK 49% (Issue 55, p58) On the whole it's unlikely that any initial appeal will last.
Realm of Impossibility Ariolasoft UK Ltd 10% (Issue 27, p31) Could have been a passable game a couple of years ago. A joke today.
Realm of the Undead Express Programmes Company  50% (Issue 7, p11) Fair to average but not much lasting appeal.
Reaper, The Ubi Soft Ltd 33% (Issue 86, p57) Rude, crude and not very good at all, really.
Rebel Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 44, p15) An above-average arcade adventure/puzzle which demands some brainwork.
Rebel Planet US Gold Ltd 85% (Issue 31, p74) Very good.
Rebel Star Firebird Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 31, p49) No longer need you lament for Red Shift. This classic game is up for grabs now.
Rebel Star 2 Silverbird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 64, p67) A great sequel and a compelling, highly rewarding strategy game in its own right.
Red Arrows, The Database Software 52% (Issue 20, p114) A great deal more could have been made of the idea.
Red Attack Unique 49% (Issue 9, p123) Fair to below average and not very good value for money by today's standards.
Red Hawk Melbourne House 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p20) Have some fun, go say "KWAH", wear the badge and have a go at being a superhero...
Red Heat Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 65, p12) Several sub-games add to the furious addictive action but doubtful gameplay.
Red Heat Ocean Software Ltd 80% (Issue 90, p44) This is well worth considering.
Red L.E.D. Starlight Software 61% (Issue 46, p122) A limited but enjoyable Marble Madnessesque collecting game.
Red Lion, The Mystic Software 86% (Issue 39, p54) A cut above usual mail-order.
Red Moon Level 9 Computing Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 20, p91) Has an appeal for everyone.
Red Scorpion Quicksilva Ltd 41% (Issue 41, p111) Slick instructions imply complex game, but really there's nothing new in this variant.
Renegade Imagine Software Ltd 89% (Issue 44, p34) A beat-'em-up with real punch.
Renegade Imagine Software Ltd 81% (Issue 74, p48) One of the classic Spectrum games and will always be known as an original beat-'em-up.
Renegade 3: The Final Chapter Imagine Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 64, p16) The latest in the Renegade series is also the best, check it out even if you don't like beat-'em-ups.
Renegade 3: The Final Chapter Imagine Software Ltd 89% (Issue 92, p58) A really fast-paced, fun beat-'em-up with great graphics and playability.
Renta-Kill Rita Mastertronic Ltd 73% (Issue 48, p165) A derivative 3-D game good for a few plays.
Repton Mania Superior Software Ltd 75% (Issue 64, p79) Fascinating, addictive gameplay more than makes up for the lacklustre presentation.
Rescue on Fractalus Activision Inc 75% (Issue 33, p123) A good game, but one that's not best suited to the Spectrum.
Rescue on Fractalus Activision Inc 46% (Issue 68, p48) Steer well clear of this.
Return to Doom Topologika 80% (Issue 55, p57) Has enough material to fuel hours and hours of intriguing play.
Return to Eden Level 9 Computing Ltd 80% (Issue 11, p105) Very good.
Return to Ithaca Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 28, p93) Not bad.
Return to Oz US Gold Ltd 84% (Issue 34, p97) Very competent.
Reveal Mastertronic Ltd 29% (Issue 62, p68) I doubt whether anyone would find this worth buying.
Revenge of the C5 Atlantis Software Ltd 42% (Issue 28, p29) A very dated looking and feeling game with some addictive merits for its low price.
Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes           Visions Software Factory 74% (Issue 6, p11) With a range of skill levels and reasonable addictiveness, good value.
Revolution US Gold Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 33, p16) An unusual and good looking game that provides a real challenge.
Rex 1 Martech Games Ltd 82% (Issue 59, p183) Great, challenging action which is also well presented.
Rick Dangerous Firebird Software Ltd 81% (Issue 66, p40) Indiana Jones movie clone makes for amusing play and some addictive action.
Rick Dangerous Firebird Software Ltd 76% (Issue 98, p79) Great fun to play, if a little on the tricky side.
Rick Dangerous 2 Micro Style 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 82, p55) A number one platform game returns with smashingly equal results.
Ricochet Firebird Software Ltd 33% (Issue 48, p170) BAD (Breakout Awfully Done).
Riddlers Den Electric Dreams Software 78% (Issue 22, p147) A puzzling game. Easy to get addicted to...
Rider Virgin Games Ltd 50% (Issue 1, p42) Fair, could have been better.
Riding the Rapids Players Software 55% (Issue 48, p169) Watered-down gameplay in another 'simulation' right out of touch with reality (compare Top Ten Hits's Grid Iron).
Rifle Range Mastertronic Ltd 64% (Issue 9, p94) Good value for money, average game.
Rifts of Time, The Pocket Money Software 70% (Issue 28, p96) A good 1984 game.
Rigel's Revenge Bulldog 88% (Issue 47, p42) Most interesting.
Ring of Darkness, The Wintersoft 60% (Issue 6, p75) The game falls between the two stools of arcade and adventure without the addictive qualities of either.
Ring Wars Cascade Games Ltd 53% (Issue 61, p18) It doesn't exactly run rings round the opposition.
River Raid Activision Inc 74% (Issue 10, p93) Good to very good, addictive but perhaps a lower value for money due to price.
River Rescue Thorn EMI Video Ltd 74% (Issue 1, p30) Very good, reasonably addictive.
Road Blasters US Gold Ltd 84% (Issue 55, p101) Initially enjoyable and exciting gameplay, with long-lasting addictiveness.
Road Racer Thorn EMI Video Ltd 69.5% (Issue 1, p30) Good.
Road Runner US Gold Ltd 73% (Issue 43, p96) Far from the best tie-in/conversion yet, but despite some let down on the graphics, still a reasonably playable and addictive game.
Road Runner and Wile E Coyote Hi-Tec Software Ltd 64% (Issue 95, p65) Road Runner and Wile E Coyote is a nice try - but no cigar.
Roads of Plexar, The Mastertronic Added Dimension 86% (Issue 45, p24) A neat and enjoyable Trailblazer clone.
Roadwars Melbourne House 66% (Issue 50, p13) Beautifully presented (hard box etc.) and attractive at first, but soon boring.
Robber Virgin Games Ltd 48% (Issue 1, p100) Poor.
Robin of Sherlock Silversoft Ltd 70% (Issue 25, p84) I couldn't find John Cleese on my ballot paper.
Robin of the Wood 48 Odin Computer Graphics Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p10) An excellent game that should appeal to everyone.
Robocop Ocean Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p22) A superb implementation of the licence, which successfully captures the spirit of the violent film.
Robocop 2 Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 84, p71) A tough and mean sequel to the blockbusting classic!
Robocop 3 Ocean Software Ltd 89% (Issue 98, p68) Robo's at it again with trendy helmet and big gun!
Robot Attack Mastertronic Ltd 35% (Issue 67, p12) It's not worth playing.
Robot Messiah Alphabatim 72% (Issue 24, p16) A passable arcade adventure, but nothing particularly special.
Roboto Bug-Byte Software Ltd 58% (Issue 27, p133) Simple, but cheap arcade adventure.
Robot Riot Silversoft Ltd 70% (Issue 2, p100) Above average, very good for younger players.
Robot Rumpus Atlantis Software Ltd 61% (Issue 14, p47) Although lacking in content, still playable, mildly addictive and good value for money.
Robot Runner Longman Software (Issue 2, p98) Loading screens are very good, and the use of colour throughout is excellent.
Robot Runner Longman Software (Issue 22, p86) Gives children practice in the 2 to 9 multiplication tables.
Robozone Image Works 58% (Issue 93, p61) Needless frustration on level one cools any shoot-'em-up ardour.
Rock 'n Roll Rainbow Arts 79% (Issue 74, p44) Old fashioned bouncy balls prove they can still be rollickin' jolly.
Rock 'n Wrestle Melbourne House 48% (Issue 30, p24) A disappointing development from the Masters of the Beat Em Up.
Rockford Mastertronic Added Dimension 57% (Issue 51, p103) An old game showing its age. The free game, Rockman, hardly furthers its cause!
Rockman Magic Team 57% (Issue 44, p22) Good graphics but uninteresting gameplay.
Rockman Mastertronic Ltd 69% (Issue 24, p15) Yet again, a worthwhile buy from Mastertronic.
Rock Star Ate My Hamster Code Masters Gold 70% (Issue 63, p80) A simple, but highly amusing music management game.
Rocky Dinamic Software 70% (Issue 19, p40) A good attempt but doesn't quite make it.
Rocky Horror Show, The CRL Group PLC 79% (Issue 18, p12) An exciting and different game with adventure elements.
Rod-Land Storm Software 88% (Issue 95, p54) A perfect conversion of a fun coin-op. Grab your magic rod and bash a bunny today!
Rogue Mastertronic Ltd 63% (Issue 55, p104) An interesting stab at a computerised version of a Dungeons and Dragons style game.
Rogue Trooper Piranha 79% (Issue 36, p36) Good game, but a bit easy.
Roland's Rat Race Ocean Software Ltd 66% (Issue 20, p37) Nothing special.
Rollaround Mastertronic Ltd 61% (Issue 50, p95) A poor Bobby Bearing clone of the Marble Madness genre.
Roller Coaster Elite Systems Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p32) A different kind of platform game altogether. A great little game.
Roller Coaster Elite Systems Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 66, p43) Each screen is deviously devised, but not difficult to master once you get to grips with the gameplay.
Rolling Thunder US Gold Ltd 47% (Issue 50, p89) A sound, traditional idea let down by gameplay problems.
Roly Poly Goes To Hospital David Todd Software 62% (Issue 19, p46) Clever, neat but over difficult.
Romantic Robot Videoface Romantic Robot UK Ltd (Issue 37, p86) A very enjoyable add-on for the Spectrum, which can provide hours and hours of entertainment.
Rommel's Revenge Crystal Computing 65% (Issue 2, p75) Good.
Romper Room Beyond Software (Issue 25, p45) A useful package which would have been greatly improved if there had been the option for the adult to select specific letters for practice.
Rookie Mastertronic Ltd 90% (Issue 67, p12) Very addictive and enjoyable.
Room 10 CRL Group PLC 62% (Issue 35, p133) 'Off the wall' sports game.
Rothmans Football Quiz Cassell Ltd 21% (Issue 26, p125) A very poor question and answer game which probably won't even appeal to soccer fans at the price.
Roundheads & Caveliers Argus Press Software Ltd 59% (Issue 45, p103) Some interesting features, but missable.
Round the Bend! Impulze 70% (Issue 95, p62) Nice graphics, shame about the gameplay.
Roy of the Rovers Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 47% (Issue 58, p88) For once Roy's on the losing side.
R-Type Electric Dreams Software 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p26) The frenzied action really sets pulses racing - a surprisingly good conversion of the classic coin-op.
R-Type Electric Dreams Software 82% (Issue 84, p76) Plenty of weapons, lots of nasty aliens and level after level of true arcade action.
Rubicon Bug-Byte Software Ltd 30% (Issue 43, p22) Awkward control and monotonous gameplay.
Ruby Runabout Scorpio Software 60% (Issue 10, p110) Poor.
Ruff and Reddy Space Adventure  Hi-Tec Software Ltd 73% (Issue 79, p48) This is a fun, addictive little game that will keep both fans of the cartoon and playable games happy for some time.
Rugby Manager Artic Computing Ltd 31% (Issue 33, p26) Only for avid rugby fans.
Rugby Manager Mastertronic Plus 69% (Issue 83, p50) Management fans will have a bit of fun playing it.
Runes of Zendos, The Dorcas Software 80% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 12, p124) Good, I liked it a lot.
Runestone Games Workshop 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 17, p100) Excellent value.
Runestone Games Workshop 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p83) Excellent.
Runestone of Zaobab, The Eric Stewart 58% (Issue 59, p113) Initially intriguing but eventually a disappointment.
Run for Gold Hill MacGibbon 71% (Issue 13, p10) An excellent simulation, limited in scope and a bit pricey.
Running Man, The Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 80% (Issue 66, p42) Good film tie-in with strong movie feel and arcade qualities, but a bit tough.
Run Rabbit Run Hill MacGibbon (Issue 37, p49) An enjoyable little program which children will come back to again and again.
Run the Gauntlet Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 62, p12) An excellent Spectrum version of the adrenalin-pumping TV series.
Run the Gauntlet Ocean Software Ltd 78% (Issue 83, p54) Has its good and bad points but I'd recommend it to all racing fans.
Rupert and the Ice Castle Bug-Byte Software Ltd 50% (Issue 32, p20) A pretty platform game.
Rupert and the Toymaker's Party Quicksilva Ltd 54% (Issue 22, p68) An average game.
Rygar US Gold Ltd 58% (Issue 48, p19) Acceptably playable, though early levels are too easy; the reviewers' major criticism is that Rygar falls further short of its original than most coin-op conversions.
Rygar US Gold Ltd 45% (Issue 64, p32) A mediocre shoot-'em-up game which probably won't keep you entertained for very long.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum