Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
F-15 Strike Eagle MicroProse Software Ltd  84% (Issue 42, p19) Polished programming makes this conversion from Atari a must for flight-simulation addicts.
F-16 Combat Pilot Digital Integration 84% (Issue 86, p53) One of the best flightsims we've seen, buy it now.
F-16 Fighting Falcon Code Masters Ltd 53% (Issue 76, p46) If you're desperate for lightgun games then give this a whirl, but you will have to be pretty desperate.
F-19 Stealth Fighter MicroProse Software Ltd 83% (Issue 73, p44) Microprose fly where they know best - if only Bill Stealy flew Firebirds just as well!
F1 Tornado Simulator Zeppelin Games Ltd 51% (Issue 84, p76) If you want something that provides more than half an hour's entertainment, look elsewhere.
Factory Breakout Poppy Soft 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 6, p97)  Addictive, playable and highly recommended.
F.A. Cup Football Virgin Games Ltd 64% (Issue 27, p126) Well put together, but a simple game which might disappoint some people.
Fahrenheit 3000 Softstone Ltd 81% (Issue 13, p60) A very good, hard game with its own features, good value for money.
Fairlight: A Prelude The Edge Software 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 22, p26) A stunning game, achieved with a new programming technique.
Fairlight 2: A Trail of Darkness, The Edge Software 81% (Issue 36, p33) Good, but nothing new.
Fairly Difficult Mission Zodiac Software 76% (Issue 55, p57) Presentation throughout is impeccable. Colourful graphics and one or two special effects.
Falcon Patrol 2 Virgin Games Ltd 56% (Issue 17, p14) Fair but very dated.
Falcon the Renegade Lord Virgin Games Ltd 64% (Issue 42, p24) Above average game with an interesting idea, but lacking the polished graphics and more involved content that would make a hit.
Falklands 82 PSS 33% (Issue 27, p81) Everybody makes mistakes. This is PSS's.
Fall Guy, The Elite Systems Ltd 76% (Issue 12, p86) A game with good playability, but lacking in addictivity.
Fall of Rome, The ASP Software Ltd 55% (Issue 8, p101) For strategy fans and younger players this could be worthwhile, as there is a fair amount to handle. Overall on the average side.
Famous Five on Treasure Island, The  Enigma Variations Ltd 81% (Issue 89, p45) Imaginative, well designed but with one or two minor quirks.
Fantasia Diamond Hewson Consultants Ltd 100% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 5, p74) A long adventure with many interesting and logical problems to solve.. Highly recommended.
Fantastic American Football Zeppelin Games Ltd 78% (Issue 80, p46) A good simulation of a fast and frantic game.
Fantastic Voyage Quicksilva Ltd 78% (Issue 16, p132) Mixed opinions from below average to very good, playable and reasonably difficult.
Fantasy, The Mediandroid 49% (Issue 43, p74) Not good.
Fast and the Furious, The Go! (Issue 46, p140) Both are adequate shoot-'em-ups with average lastability.
Fast Food Dizzy Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 63, p83) What really disappoints is the pedestrian pace at which the action takes place.
Fat Worm Blows a Sparky  Durell Software Ltd 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 34, p142)  Extremely silly, and wonderful fun.
Federation 8th Day Software 78% (Issue 51, p44) Within the limits it sets itself it is a compelling and highly polished game.
Fernandez Must Die Image Works 87% (Issue 58, p92) A playable shoot-'em-up which perhaps suffers slightly from repetitiveness.
Feud Bulldog 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 38, p28) An excellent start to a new label, which proves that budget arcade adventures are alive and well!
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of Fun Mindscape International Inc 94% (A CRASH Smash, Issue 76, p44) Roll up, roll up for a Smashing day at the circus!!
Fifth Quadrant, The Bubble Bus Software 48% (Issue 44, p27) Some good features - it's interesting to control four characters - but unplayable.
Fighter Bomber Activision Inc 73% (Issue 77, p48) A graphically pretty and competent 3-D flight sim for the technically minded.
Fighter Pilot Digital Integration 86% (Issue 2, p93) An excellent simulation and game - highly recommended.
Fighter Pilot Digital Integration 76% (Issue 61, p38) A competant and complex flight sim which is worth another look at the new budget price.
Fighting Soccer Activision Inc 68% (Issue 71, p58) Albeit misnamed, a really good attempt at a soccer sim.
Fighting Warrior Melbourne House 73% (Issue 22, p14) Graphically excellent, but a bit short on gameplay variety.
Fighting Warrior Melbourne House 45% (Issue 75, p48) I'd stay well clear: there are better rereleased games about.
Final Assault US Gold Ltd 38% (Issue 61, p11) Your money would be better spent on a woolly hat and a pair of wellies!
Final Fight US Gold Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 93, p54) Whopping graphics add that extra sparkle and make a basic beat-'em-up a winner!
Final Matrix, The Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  75% (Issue 41, p112) This unusual and addictive game presents a very tough challenge.
Final Mission, The Incentive Software Ltd 70% (Issue 10, p106) Good.
Finders Keepers Mastertronic Ltd 85% (Issue 13, p124) A neat and fairly original game with good playability and excellent value at the price.
Fire and Forget Titus 55% (Issue 61, p62) A well-programmed and enjoyable shoot-'em-up marred by a lack of variety and a flaw in gameplay.
Fireflash Abacus Programs 78% (Issue 1, p88) Very good colours and smooth graphics. A very fast game.
Firefly Ocean Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 50, p12) What more could an arcade freak want?
Firehawks Postern Ltd 51% (Issue 1, p19) Fair.
Firelord Hewson Consultants Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p22) Steve Crow does it again!
Firelord Hewson Consultants Ltd 73% (Issue 85, p62) The large play area allows you to explore more and more each time you play.
Firetrap Electric Dreams Software 78% (Issue 49, p14) A competent and addictive conversion of a novel arcade machine.
Firework Music & Water Music Software Cottage (Issue 16, p63) Music training where the graphical presentation was quite cheerful.
First Past the Post Cult Games 32% (Issue 55, p68) A non-starter.
First Steps With the Mr Men Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 31, p79): Although aimed at children from 4 to 8, I would lower the age range. For most 7 and 8 year olds, the stories and games would be too simple, so perhaps 2 to 6 years would be more realistic.
Fish! Rainbird Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 63, p41) Combines laughs with thoughtful, challenging problems.
Fists of Fury (Edition 2) Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 89, p31) Gamers who want variety will soon get fed up as each game plays more or less the same.
Five-a-Side Footy Silverbird Software Ltd 56% (Issue 55, p104) Not a bad little football game, even better with a friend.
Flash Gordon Mastertronic Added Dimension 42% (Issue 43, p22) A mediocre Commodore conversion which doesn't work to the full potential of the licence.
Fletcher's Castle Fernleaf Educational Software (Issue 34, p58) This is an interesting and absorbing simulation which will spark off a whole variety of learning activities. Highly recommended.
Flight Path 737 Anirog Software 4% (Issue 16, p31) This may work on the other machines but the Spectrum conversion seems to be a botch up.
Flintstones, The Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 62% (Issue 54, p84) The humour and character of cartoons is difficult to represent within the strict confines of a computer game and, like so many attempts before, The Flintstones doesn't quite manage it.
Flukeit and Blunders: Kidnapping... Axxent Software 70% (Issue 43, p72) Flawed program, but a great little adventure.
Flunky Piranha 60% (Issue 44, p104) Flunk is a good-looking arcade puzzle, but it's monotonous despite the original scenario.
Flyer Fox Bug-Byte Software Ltd 63% (Issue 26, p23) Not bad for the price, although the program's age shows in lack of polish.
Flying Shark Firebird Software Ltd 85% (Issue 49, p20) Another great shoot-'em-up from the Robinson/Cumming partnership.
Football Director D&H Games 13% (Issue 45, p122) A poor and expensive substitute for Addictive's Football Manager (well received in Crash Issue Four).
Footballer, The Cult Games 43% (Issue 69, p49) Just take a look at this flippin' soccer game. Boring.
Footballer of the Year Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 68% (Issue 37, p28) Reasonably good fun, but a little too easy.
Footballer of the Year Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 54% (Issue 58, p110) Success is extremely easy to attain so that any minimal appeal is soon lost.
Footballer of the Year 2 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 63% (Issue 72, p54) A reasonable soccer management/trivia game - for afficionados of the sport.
Footballer of the Year 2 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 58% (Issue 90, p42) There is a quiz section but don't expect soccer action.
Football Frenzy Alternative Software Ltd 39% (Issue 50, p80) This is revealed as a very repetitive strategy (not relly adventure) game.
Football Manager 2 Addictive Games Ltd 79% (Issue 54, p20) One for all fans of the very poplar football genre - top of the league!
Football Manager 2 Addictive Games Ltd 85% (Issue 55, p75) One for all fans of the very poplar football genre - top of the league!
Forbidden Fruit Tansoft 73% (Issue 14, p121) Above average to good, and selling at a sensible price.
Forbidden Planet Design Design Software 86% (Issue 26, p30) A good follow up (perhaps with some reservations), and a fast, intricate shoot em up in the classic vein.
Force, The Argus Press Software Ltd 68% (Issue 30, p56) Interesting subject, but the game fails to live up to expectations.
Force Fighter Perfection Software 68% (Issue 3, p54) Above average.
Forest, The Phipps Associates (Issue 1, p27) Makes a change from the usual arcade or even adventure games.
Forest at World's End Interceptor Micros Software 60% (Issue 10, p107) Rather short.
Forgotten City H.A.W.K. Adventuring 87% (Issue 38, p92) Good.
Forgotten Worlds US Gold Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 65, p12) The accurate conversion of this Capcom arcade hit should please everyone.
Forgotten Worlds US Gold Ltd 60% (Issue 90, p49) It's pretty good, but what's the use of nice visuals if the playability just isn't there?
Formula One Spirit Software 25% (Issue 8, p12) A barely average looking 3D race game with built-in unplayability.
Four Minutes To Midnight 8th Day Software 76% (Issue 39, p52) Classic cheap game.
Fourmost Adventures - Out of the Shadows Global Software 9/10 (Issue 27, p71) Excellent.
Fourmost Adventures - Project X - The Microman  Global Software 60% (Issue 27, p71) Good value.
Fourmost Adventures - The Mural Global Software 60% (Issue 27, p71) Strange, humourous in places, but generally disappointing.
Fourmost Adventures - Galaxias Global Software 70% (Issue 27, p71) Entertaining.
Fourth Protocol, The Hutchinson Computer Publishing  90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 19, p91) A highly playable and addictive adventure/strategy game.
Foxx Fights Back Image Works 85% (Issue 58, p24) Probably the best farmyard game yet!
Fractions Keysoft (Issue 37, p49) An appealing program, very well structured, which brings alive the concept of fractions. Unlike most programs on this topic, which only reinforce knowledge already acquired, this program is a true teaching aid. Definitely value for money.
Fractions 2 Keysoft (Issue 44, p93) A very effective and attractive method of teaching fractions; it'll give the teacher/parent good information on the child's grasp of the concepts, too.
Frank Bruno's Boxing Elite Systems Ltd 86% (Issue 19, p22) Much more scope than the others. There now we've said it.
Frankenstein 2000 Icon Software Ltd 76% (Issue 18, p24) A better than average game.
Frankenstein Jnr 39 Steps 50% (Issue 73, p47) The inlay says this is an hilarious spoof and terrifically funny: sorry but I can't see the joke.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 19, p34) This is a highly innovative arcade/adventure that you must not be without.
Frank N. Stein PSS 80% (Issue 9, p124) A good, novel platform game that becomes very addictive in play.
Frank the Flea Megasoft 57% (Issue 27, p130) An interesting little game.
Fred Investronica S.A. 83% (Issue 3, p84) Very good, mixed feeling on the addictivity.
Fred's Fan Factory Software Super Savers Ltd 44% (Issue 12, p135) Mixed feelings from reviewers ranging from waste of money to above average.
Freddy Hardest Dinamic Software 85% (Issue 47, p27) Dinamic's best game yet is great fun, with realistic animation and effective graphics.
Freedom Fighter The Power House 19% (Issue 53, p21) A poor game lacking in any addictive or playable qualities.
Freez' Bees Silversoft Ltd 61% (Issue 2, p101) Reasonable implementation of a fair game.
French Disney Software (Issue 39, p95) Vocabulary and situations dealt with, are those which a visitor to France would probably encounter.
French Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p58) I was extremely impressed with the amount covered in this package and with the way the material is presented.
French Crosswords AVP Computing (Issue 35, p59) Fun for crossword addicts, this program is a good way of revising and extending vocabulary.
French Dictation AVP Computing (Issue 35, p59) A very useful study aid both in the home and at school.
French is Fun CDS Microsystems (Issue 2, p97) This will obviously be valuable for young French beginners as well as adult starters.
French Listening Comprehension 1 Softlee Systems (Issue 18, p112) Highly recommended.
French Vocabulary Rose Software (Issue 19, p104) There is a place for this type of rote-learning package in exam revision, but although the six programs include a variety of topics, the presentation could have been more interesting. Also the programs crash if BREAK is inadvertently touched, which is a rather extreme approach to software protection!
Friday the 13th Domark Ltd 32% (Issue 29, p130) Oh dear, oh dear.
Frightened Fantasy Dented Designs 78% (Issue 42, p62) Quite an advert for Orcbusters.
Frightmare Cascade Games Ltd 57% (Issue 51, p25) Of strange curiousity value for those with a spare ten pounds.
Front-Line Zeppelin Games Ltd 50% (Issue 53, p86) A simple start for Zeppelin Games.
Froot Loop Ntd Software 50% (Issue 6, p14) Below average, but better value for money due to price.
Frost Byte Mikro-Gen Ltd 86% (Issue 35, p139) A small spring forward for arcade adventures.
Frost Byte Mikro-Gen Ltd 79% (Issue 89, p47) Lots of arcade action and a totally original main character!
Fruit Machine Simulator Code Masters Ltd 30% (Issue 47, p126) A simple game on a simple subject, with few incentives to make you play again.
Fruit Machine Simulator 2 Code Masters Ltd 78% (Issue 74, p46) One of the best around. If you're a big gambling person this could save you lots of money.
Fruit Machine Simulator 2 Code Masters Ltd 40% (Issue 80, p48) If you bought the first don't bother, if you didn't then it may be worth a look in.
Full Throttle Micromega 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 7, p6) Excellent.
Full Throttle 2 Zeppelin Games Ltd 40% (Issue 86, p54) An average bike simulation, and no better than the first.
Funhouse Pacific Software 70% (Issue 15, p100) Quite good and original scenario.
Fun School 3 (5-7's) Database Educational Software 86% (Issue 85, p29) Great fun and serve as excellent teaching aids.
Fun School 3 (Under 5's) Database Educational Software 84% (Issue 85, p29) I'd recommend this range of games for everyone.
Fun School 4 Europress Software 87% (Issue 96, p56) There are three game packs on offer, each containing six games. These packs are excellent value for money.
Fury, The Martech Games Ltd 72% (Issue 55, p20) A compelling action game but not quite as fast and furious as the racy title suggests.
Future Bike Simulator Hi-Tec Software Ltd 68% (Issue 78, p48) Good fun but I doubt it will keep you hooked for long.
Future Knight Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 76% (Issue 36, p21) Not up to Gremlin's usual standards.
Future Tense Mystic Software 85% (Issue 46, p103) Good.
Futurezoo Clwyd Adventure Software 43% (Issue 33, p97) Poor; a story in need of an adventure programmer.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum