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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Hacker Activision Inc 81% (Issue 23, p39) A demanding and interesting game.
Hacker 2: The Doomsday Papers Activision Inc 82% (Issue 37, p128) A worthy sequel.
Hades Nebula Nexus Productions Ltd 51% (Issue 43, p32) Gameplay elements detract from an otherwise average shoot-'em-up.
Halley's Comet Eclipse Software (Issue 21, p15) What appeals to me is that I can ask for a map that will help me find the thing, as well as work out the best time to watch.
Hammerfist Activision Inc 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 75, p40)  Action and strategy combine in Hammerfist to produce and amazingly playable game.
Hampstead Melbourne House 70% (Issue 10, p104) Brilliantly original and very entertaining.
Hampton's Caught B.Sides Software 43% (Issue 7, p12) Below average.
Handicap Golf CRL Group PLC 81% (Issue 4, p37) An excellent simulation, one of the best golf games around, highly recommended.
Happiest Days of Your Life, The  Firebird Software Ltd 64% (Issue 34, p34) A reasonable clone of a popular game format.
Hardball Advance Software Ltd 84% (Issue 34, p32) A good simulation of a minority sport.
Hardball Advance Software Ltd 80% (Issue 67, p43) Worth perservering with as it's a decent and realistic simulation.
Hard Drivin' Domark Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 72, p48) An excellent conversion, fast 'n' thrilling and something very different from the rest.
Hard Drivin' Domark Ltd 88% (Issue 95, p61) One of the best arcade conversions I've ever played.
Harry Goes Home Pulsonic 32% (Issue 5, p37) Poor value.
Harvey Headbanger Firebird Software Ltd 80% (Issue 37, p120) A fun, original game.
HATE (Hostile All Terrain Encounter)  Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 78% (Issue 65, p17) Costa Panayi's back on the spot with superb graphics and an enjoyable game.
Havoc Dynavision 59% (Issue 13, p127) Somewhat unplayable due to lack of content, also has an unhelpful control selection menu without feedback. Generally below average.
Havoc Players Premier Software 66% (Issue 82, p52) Better than most but doesn't have the thrill power to work you up!
Hawks Lotus-Soft 75% (Issue 1, p91) Good.
Hawk Storm Players Premier Software 54% (Issue 85, p56) You may find the movement annoying but don't give up, there is a game in here somewhere.
Head Coach Addictive Games Ltd 33% (Issue 33, p114) Neither a very playable nor accurate simulation.
Head Coach Addictive Games Ltd 28% (Issue 55, p76) Neither a very playable nor accurate simulation.
Head Over Heels Ocean Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 39, p20) The best fun you're likely to have with a Spectrum for quite some time.
Head Over Heels Ocean Software Ltd 89% (Issue 79, p48) You'll be totally addicted from the word go. Come on, have some fun.
Heart and Circulation AVP Computing (Issue 30, p47) Used in conjunction with notes and textbooks, this program is a helpful revision aid.
Heartbroken Atlantis Software Ltd 55% (Issue 64, p29) It's cute and colourful but far from the best of its type.
Heartland Odin Computer Graphics Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 31, p26) Lots of things combine to make this one of the better games on the Spectrum.
Heavy on the Magick Gargoyle Games 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p87) An original, animated adventure.
Heavy on the Magick Gargoyle Games 85% (Issue 64, p31) I doubt that you will get very far. But if you enjoy a good adventure, try this.
Heist 2012 Firebird Software Ltd 12% (Issue 45, p129) A very poor platform game with particularly missable graphics.
Helichopper Firebird Software Ltd 67% (Issue 18, p11) Pretty average game.
Hell Fire Melbourne House 72% (Issue 14, p13) Two reviewers liked it, one thought it was lacking in game content.
Hell Fire Attack Martech Games Ltd 66% (Issue 61, p18) A competent 3-D shoot-'em-up, but it's too slow to catch up with the superior Afterburner and Thunder Blade.
Helm, The Firebird Software Ltd 60% (Issue 18, p103) Amusing.
Helter Skelter Audiogenic Software Ltd 84% (Issue 83, p61) Fast and furious, addictive - but pricey.
Henrietta's Book of Spells Scetlander 75% (Issue 83, p59) Works well and should appeal to the 7-10 year olds and improve their spulling, erm, spelling.
Henry's Hoard Alternative Software Ltd 65% (Issue 27, p137) Good value for money if you like this type of game.
Herbert's Dummy Run Mikro-Gen Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 18, p116)  More of the same excellent stuff.
Hercules: Slayer of the Damned Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 54% (Issue 54, p82) In such a large genre Hercules - Slayer of the Damned! needs to be much more playable if it's to make any impression.
Here and There with the Mr. Men Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 14, p110) A good, well designed game, which would be useful in nursery/primary schools as well as in the home. The games have a minimal storyline, and I would like to see more computer games actually based on Mr Men stories, where the reading of the story would be a requirement for the playing of the game.
Here Comes the Sun Alligata Software Ltd 50% (Issue 5, p76) The adventure is interspersed with a thousand funny ways of dying. Oh, well...
Hermitage, The Pegasus Software 47% (Issue 62, p27) 'Shock' scenes cannot compensate for a feeble plot, and with only a few problems needing to be solved to complete it this is a disappointment.
H.E.R.O. Activision Inc 75% (Issue 10, p13) Very good, original, addictive and fun, but still a bit pricey.
Heroes Domark Ltd 82% (Issue 81, p43) Neat compilation with enough action for any aspiring Hero!
Heroes of the Lance US Gold Ltd 83% (Issue 62, p71) A great conversion of an interesting and enjoyable fantasy roleplayer.
Hero Quest Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 87, p43):   Lots and lots to do and see - a game that entertains for ages!
Hero Quest: Return of the Witchlord, The  Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 92, p58) Ten more excellent adventures for Hero Quest addicts.
High Frontier Activision Inc 71% (Issue 48, p135) Offers enjoyment, but not lasting interest.
Highlander Ocean Software Ltd 57% (Issue 37, p114) A disappointing game that bears little relevance to the film.
High Steel Screen 7 Ltd 78% (Issue 67, p41):   An original game theme that will have you hooked!
Highway Code CRL Group PLC (Issue 15, p21) Certainly this is more fun than doing it all from a book.
Highway Encounter Vortex Software 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 20, p122) Magic.
Hijack Electric Dreams Software 86% (Issue 31, p115) A very original and compulsive game.
Hi-Q Quiz Blue Ribbon Software 46% (Issue 68, p48) If you're set on collecting trivia games, go ahead and buy this one, on your head be it.
History Visions Software (Issue 48, p53) This package should be used only for short periods at a time, because there's lots of information to absorb.
History Mystery Computer Tutor (Issue 18, p112) With a fair amount of adult direction, this program could be useful, though I doubt if it is the kind of game a child would choose for him or herself.
Hit Squad Code Masters Ltd 70% (Issue 63, p83) The action is well-portrayed by large, colourful graphics.
Hive Firebird Software Ltd 78% (Issue 37, p105) A clever maze game that lacks a little in terms of gameplay.
Hob's Hoard Zenobi Software 56% (Issue 92, p53) The game never gave me a sense of freedom and the design felt a little clunky.
Hobgoblin Atlantis Software Ltd 50% (Issue 91, p64) Simple, uncomplicated arcade romp affair - too simple for some.
Hocus Focus Quicksilva Ltd 70% (Issue 28, p32) Quite a neat game that is actually original in some respects.
Holiday Scetlander (Issue 50, p73) In a simulation of a travel agency, pupils find duitable holidays for imaginary clients.
Holiday in Sumaria Pirate Software Ltd 16% (Issue 46, p132) A dreadful 3-D arcade adventure.
Hollow, The Gilsoft International 80% (Issue 15, p95) Good imaginative adventure.
Homicide Hotel Wallsoft/The Guild 84% (Issue 44, p69) A good PAW game.
Hong Kong Phooey Hi-Tec Software Ltd 70% (Issue 79, p49) An enjoyable romp.
Hooray for Henrietta Scetlander (Issue 78, p46) This is all about maths, sums, adding-up, taking-away, y'know the stuff.
Hopper Copper Silverbird Software Ltd 40% (Issue 61, p67) While novelty makes it fun for a while, the basic gameplay is very repetitive.
Hoppin' Mad Elite Systems Ltd 78% (Issue 55, p82) The unusual control method and the attractive presentation are great fun at first. However, repetitive and difficult gameplay suggest that initial enthusiasm may not last.
Hoppin' Mad Elite Systems Ltd 74% (Issue 76, p46) It's packed full of action and just frustrating enough to keep you coming back for more.
Hostages Infogrames 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 79, p44) Infogrames come up with the goods with this SAS inspired all action game.
Hot Dot Spotter Longman Software (Issue 22, p86) I'm afraid I found this game to be educationally sterile.
Hotline Quiz Chalksoft Ltd (Issue 44, p95) An excellent and flexible program which can be enjoyed by all the family.
Hot Rod Activision Inc 39% (Issue 76, p39) One of the worst Sega licences Activision have produced. What happened guys?
Hot Shot Addictive Games Ltd 77% (Issue 56, p93) Hot for Breakout fans - a bit cooler for everyone else.
Housebuilder Scetlander (Issue 50, p73) Simulates the role of a small builder in making decisions about the choice, pricing and siting of houses.
House Jack Built, The Thor Computer Software 73% (Issue 11, p100) Two reviewers thought it was good, one thought it was average.
House of the Living Dead Phipps Associates 59% (Issue 2, p38) Average with more appeal to younger players.
Howard the Duck Activision Inc 61% (Issue 41, p110) A slightly above average game which has sprung from a dreadful movie.
How to be a Complete Bastard Virgin Games Ltd 73% (Issue 45, p18) Humourous and generally good, but perhaps not much lastability.
How to be a Complete Bastard Virgin Games Ltd 57% (Issue 64, p32) Graphically the game is no great shakes; a bunch of stick-men wonder aimlessly around simplistic backgrounds.
How to be a Hero in 3 Easy Steps Mastertronic Added Dimension  70% (Issue 40, p111) Mixed reviewer feelings, but on the whole a simple, addictive game.
Howzat Wyvern Software 11% (Issue 37, p126) Not much in the way of gameplay - for masochistic cricket freaks only.
HRH 8th Day Software 85% (Issue 34, p98) Very funny and well constructed.
Hubert Blaby Computer Games 62% (Issue 10, p139) Very good value for money, and an above average version of the game type.
Hudson Hawk Ocean Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 94, p62) Hudson Hawk is an arcade puzzler's dream. Ocean have produced yet another winner.
Human Killing Machine US Gold Ltd 73% (Issue 62, p15) A standard, but attractive, beat-'em-up. Lacking in originality, but still very addictive.
Humpty Dumpty Mystery, The Widgit Software Ltd (Issue 2, p97) Three games for early readers to 10. The quality of the graphics in these games is very good.
Hunchback Ocean Software Ltd 66% (Issue 2, p73) Good value and reasonably addictive.
Hunchback 2: Quasi Modo's Revenge Ocean Software Ltd 85% (Issue 13, p42) Very playable, addictive and an improvement on the original, good value.
Hunchback - The Adventure Ocean Software Ltd 86% (Issue 33, p97) Superior adventure.
Hundra Dinamic Software 33% (Issue 61, p66) A simplistic platform-style arcade adventure with no frills, and certainly no thrills.
Hunter-Killer Protek Computing Ltd 61% (Issue 1, p96) Good.
Hunt for Red October, The Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 77% (Issue 50, p88) A gripping sub sim packed with action and features.
Hunt for Red October, The  Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 70% (Issue 89, p49) Looks good, plays well but lacks depth (a bit odd for a submarine game, don't you think?).
Hybrid Starlight Software 48% (Issue 44, p29) An unoriginal game tarted up by graphics.
Hydra Domark Ltd 58% (Issue 90, p48) A fun racing shoot-'em-up but the constant fuel shortage soon bumps up the annoyance gauge.
Hydrofool Faster Than Light 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 41, p14) A first class sequel, entertaining, addictive and highly amusing.
Hydrofool Faster Than Light 82% (Issue 58, p112) Beautifully defined graphics and atmospheric sound to make a high quality arcade adventure.
Hypaball Odin Computer Graphics Ltd 56% (Issue 37, p108) A disappointing game which tarnishes Odin's reputation.
Hypa Raid Atlantis Software Ltd 60% (Issue 27, p24) Will appeal more to fans of logic puzzles than long-term arcade addicts.
Hyper-Action Silversoft Ltd 84% (Issue 9, p102) Highly addictive, an original mix of two older ideas that makes for a playable, hi-scoring game, and good value for money.
Hyperblaster MC Lothlorien Ltd 73% (Issue 7, p51) Good to very good, addictive.
Hyperbowl Mastertronic Ltd 76% (Issue 37, p124) A very reasonable budget offering.
Hypersports Imagine Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 19, p25) Excellent arcade conversion, one of the best yet.
Hypersports Imagine Software Ltd 78% (Issue 72, p57) Definitely one for the collection.
Hysteria Software Projects Ltd 78% (Issue 45, p16) A good Cobraesque game.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum