Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Sabotage Zeppelin Games Ltd 53% (Issue 53, p86) A low starting point for a new company.
Saboteur Durell Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p30) Very imaginative: deserves star status.
Saboteur Durell Software Ltd 75% (Issue 56, p85) Overall, it's a pleasant beat-'em-up-cum-strategy game that isn't quite as good as some of the more recent offerings.
Saboteur 2 Durell Software Ltd 83% (Issue 41, p103) Involving and challenging beat 'em up which successfully incorporates its adventure elements.
Sabre Wulf Ultimate Play The Game (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 6, p62) Despite a price increase, still good value. Probably Ultimate's best game to date.
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The Palace Software 89% (Issue 35, p18) A pretty addition to any arcade adventure fan's collection.
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The Palace Software 74% (Issue 64, p31) Despite having a slightly dated feel the new low price means it's an attractive buy.
Saga of Erik the Viking, The Mosaic Publishing Ltd 80% (Issue 14, p102) Very good.
Sai Combat Mirrorsoft Ltd 81% (Issue 28, p122) A neat variant on the beat em up theme.
Sai Combat Mirrorsoft Ltd 72% (Issue 61, p39) A well-implemented, no-nonsense combat game.
Sailing Activision Inc 76% (Issue 39, p17) An unusual, and highly playable simulation of the sea.
Sailing Activision Inc 52% (Issue 74, p46) I'm afraid this isn't going to keep me playing for very long.
Saimazoom Dinamic Software 53% (Issue 19, p16) Dated, perhaps a good toddler starter kit.
Saint & Greavsie Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 33% (Issue 72, p52) Very basic soccer trivia with frills that don't help.
Salamander Konami Ltd 79% (Issue 49, p90) A swift and exciting shoot-'em-up with one frustrating fault: losing a life returns you to the level's start.
Samantha Fox Strip Poker Martech Games Ltd 72% (Issue 28, p15) Mixed feelings, obviously, but Sam's endorsement seems to conceal a well presented poker game worth the attention of card players.
Sam Safety Computer Tutor (Issue 17, p87) A very useful program which succeeds in its aim of being both educational and entertaining.
Sam Spade Silversoft Ltd 57% (Issue 4, p30) An old-style game, generally average.
Sam Stoat Safebreaker Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  68% (Issue 15, p13) Above average to good.
Samurai CRL Group PLC 69% (Issue 39, p73) A simple, playable strategy game in Oriental fancy dress.
Samurai Trilogy, The Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 49% (Issue 45, p123) A lacklustre martial-arts simulation.
Samurai Warrior Firebird Software Ltd 89% (Issue 57, p13) More than just a beat-'em-up, even involving the samurai etiquette in a delightful oriental adventure.
Sand Scorchers Unique 46% (Issue 7, p86) Poor to fair.
Sanxion: The Spectrum Remix Thalamus Ltd 85% (Issue 64, p81) Fast, ferociously difficult and very playable.
Saracen US Gold Ltd 15% (Issue 48, p168) Hideous and uninteresting.
Sarlmoor Atlantis Software Ltd 38% (Issue 30, p26) Outdated - might have been passable a couple of years ago.
S.A.S. Combat Simulator Code Masters Ltd 71% (Issue 63, p82) A challenging shoot-'em-up with plenty of content.
S.A.S. Operation Thunderflash Super Sparklers 63% (Issue 37, p125) A fairly respectable piece of budget software.
Satan Dinamic Software 80% (Issue 81, p41) Immediately playable and long term engrossing due to a huge playing area.
Satcom Atlantis Software Ltd 50% (Issue 44, p106) As a hacking game, Satcom will leave many players cold - but the fans will find it a decent successor to Supercom.
Savage, The Firebird Software Ltd 74% (Issue 59, p190) An odd bundle of games which, although playable, doesn't offer much in the originality stakes.
Sbugetti Junction Bug-Byte Software Ltd 34% (Issue 32, p22) An interesting idea, but an uncompelling game.
Scalextric Leisure Genius 57% (Issue 38, p32) A great idea, but lacking in gameplay.
Sceptre of Bagdad Atlantis Software Ltd 75% (Issue 40, p18) An entertaining and puzzling arcade adventure.
Scooby & Scrappy Doo Hi-Tec Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 88, p44) Addictive, entertaining with hassle-free gameplay.
Scooby Doo Elite Systems Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 33, p30) Yet another highly playable game released by Elite.
Scooby Doo Elite Systems Ltd 89% (Issue 58, p112) Plenty of amusement in this classic cartoon caper.
Scooby Doo Elite Systems Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 67, p43) The perfect example of highly defined playability with a devious mix of addictibility.
Scotsmaths Technol Computing (Issue 28, p80) A simple but useful little program which helps young children with the identification of shapes as well as basic addition and subtraction.
Scottish Towns Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) I would have liked to have seen the program extended by the inclusion of a map showing the location of each place.
Scrabble DeLuxe Virgin Games Ltd 62% (Issue 47, p13) Well, it's Scrabble...
Scramble Spirits Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 70% (Issue 74, p41) An eye-wrecking version of a hackneyed theme with enough thump for fire-button addicts.
Screen Machine Print'n'Plotter Productions (Issue 21, p101) Highly recommended for Spectrum users with artistic fingers...
Screen Play Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 24, p39) I can't really see that there is all that much point to this.
Scruples Leisure Genius 71% (Issue 49, p26) A good interpretation of the board game which works best when played in a group.
Scuba Dive Durell Software Ltd 92% (Issue 2, p88) Highly recommended and excellent value for money.
Scumball Bulldog 81% (Issue 50, p95) A colourful and enjoyable arcade adventure.
SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) Activision Inc 59% (Issue 61, p58) Mixed opinions here - it's all a matter of taste. But if simplistic shoot-'em-ups appeal to you, you'll probably like it.
SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) Activision Inc 70% (Issue 90, p49) Initially fun to play, this soon slides down into the dumper because of its repetitive nature.
Seabase Delta Firebird Software Ltd 74% (Issue 30, p78) Good.
Sea Battles Atlantis Software Ltd 60% (Issue 15, p31) Good fun if you enjoy Battleships. Better than average.
Sea Hawk Atlantis Software Ltd 80% (Issue 74, p48) This had me addicted for ages.
Seas of Blood Adventure International 70% (Issue 24, p163) Aaaahh, Jim lad!
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The Mosaic Publishing Ltd 86% (Issue 23, p50) Very good, and different.
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The Mosaic Publishing Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p122)  Mole is brilliant, and so is the game. Find somewhere that sells it, before we all go insane.
Secret of Levitation, The Americana Software Ltd 45% (Issue 29, p128) Not a stunning start to a new range of software.
Secret of St. Bride's, The St. Bride's School 60% (Issue 21, p108) Interesting.
See-Kaa of Assiah Mastervision 50% (Issue 14, p102) Lacks addictive quality.
Seiddab Attack, 3D Hewson Consultants Ltd 79% (Issue 3, p114) One reviewer unimpressed, but the other two liked it a lot. Good to very good, especially that it's all packed into 16k.
Sentinel, The Firebird Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 40, p20) Highly playable and addictive, The Sentinel is one of those rare games that makes owning a computer a delight.
Serpent from Hell Mansfield Computers & Electronics  30% (Issue 16, p118) Not recommended, even at £1.99.
Sets AlphaPlus Educational Software (Issue 44, p95) A very good, comprehensive package developed by experts and aimed at the serious student.
Seventh Cavalry Black Knight Software 65% (Issue 22, p140) Definitely worth a try.
Seymour - At the Movies Code Masters Ltd 85% (Issue 93, p58) Another game in the Dizzy mould. And why not? People seem to love them so.
Seymour - Super Seymour Saves the... Code Masters Ltd 86% (Issue 96, p58) A fun little arcade game starring the latest and greatest of computer cartoon characters.
Shackled US Gold Ltd 72% (Issue 51, p24) A convincing arcade licence, but lacking originality and content.
Shadow Dancer US Gold Ltd 77% (Issue 89, p40) Fido gives Shadow Dancer that extra bit of excitement over most ninja adventures.
Shadowfire Beyond Software 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 17, p16) A state of the art game of the 'modern' sort (i.e. hard to define exactly), and an absolute must for any serious (or not so serious) Spectrum owner. Highly recommended.
Shadow of the Beast Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 83, p59) A remarkable conversion of a 16-bit classic: a winner!
Shadow of the Beast Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 98, p78) Well worthy of purchase.
Shadow of the Unicorn Mikro-Gen Ltd 70% (Issue 24, p164) Good.
Shadow Skimmer, The Edge Software 62% (Issue 39, p25) Interesting and above average idea gets spoiled by game elements and a lack of playing scope.
Shadows Of Mordor, The Melbourne House 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 41, p59) A big game.
Shadow Warriors Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 80, p48) Outstanding colourful conversion of more Ninja antics - tough on play.
Shake Keep Publishing (Issue 42, p26) Not a game, but a fortnightly music magazine for the Spectrum.
Shanghai Karate Players Software 45% (Issue 53, p94) Visually appealing but lacking playability due to bad animation.
Shanghai Warriors Players Software 76% (Issue 64, p29) A good game, but a bit too easy.
Shao Lin's Road The Edge Software 67% (Issue 37, p34) Official follow up it may be, but this has turned out to be a disappointing sequel to Yie Ar Kung Fu.
Shark Players Premier Software 80% (Issue 72, p58) A good, fun game and will provide all shoot-'em-up fans with a reasonable challenge.
Sharkey's Moll Zeppelin Games Ltd 73% (Issue 91, p59) Really well presented and playable shooter, but we've seen it before somewhere...
Sheer Panic Mikro-Gen Ltd 63% (Issue 4, p11) Above average.
Sherlock Melbourne House 80% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 9, p70) Excellent if bugs (including crashes) removed.
Shinobi Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 69, p46) Oriental biff-'em-up that will keep the Bruce Lee fans among you happy.
Shipshapes Computer Tutor (Issue 28, p80) These simple, yet attractive programs will appeal to the pre-school child, and should help develop shape-recognition skills in an entertaining way.
Shipwreck Tartan Software 82% (Issue 41, p61) Good.
Shockway Rider Faster Than Light 67% (Issue 38, p114) An interesting above-average game that misses the highspots of Light Force.
Shockway Rider Faster Than Light 75% (Issue 58, p110) An original and well-executed game with plenty of playability.
Shoe People, The First Class 84% (Issue 97, p62) The perfect purchase for the youngsters. Educational and fun to play.
Short Circuit Ocean Software Ltd 71% (Issue 40, p32) Takes two popular aspects of Spectrum gaming and presents them both fairly well. Worth a look.
Show Jump IMS Software 64% (Issue 9, p18) Original, playable but not very addictive.
Show Jumping Alligata Software Ltd 70% (Issue 27, p32) A very worthy show jumping simulation.
Shrewsbury Key Players Software 68% (Issue 36, p151) Cheap.
Shuttle Shock Software Super Savers Ltd 62% (Issue 13, p11) An average game, quite playable, at a below average price.
Side Arms Go! 43% (Issue 51, p18) A very poor and disappointing arcade licence.
Sidewalk Infogrames 87% (Issue 48, p11) Simple, but original, fun and very addictive.
Side Wize Firebird Software Ltd 50% (Issue 44, p103) Mike and Paul found Sidewize a dull shoot-'em-up, but Robin appreciated its superficial playability.
Sigma Seven Durell Software Ltd 62% (Issue 39, p110) A disappointment from Durell, maybe this should have been the freebie!
Silent Service MicroProse Software Ltd 80% (Issue 38, p79) Professional, impressive and wide in scope.
Silk Worm Virgin Games Ltd 73% (Issue 66, p24) Simple fun for arcadesters who requires little depth to their gaming.
Silk Worm Virgin Games Ltd 72% (Issue 87, p50) Lots of awesome weaponry and the game's quite addictive.
Sim City Infogrames 83% (Issue 79, p41) A fun, and surprisingly addictive, way of being jolly powerful and important!
Simple Case of Espionage, A Skyslip Software 72% (Issue 60, p51) A refreshingly different game, breaking away from cliched adventure presentation styles.
Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 93, p14) A packed arcade adventure, ideal for Simpson's fans.
Sir Fred Made in Spain 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p122) A great platform adventure that's quite novel.
Sir Lancelot Melbourne House 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p44) An addictive playable game, good to excellent value.
Skateball Ubi Soft Ltd 85% (Issue 61, p14) One of the best two-player games around at the moment.
Skateboard Construction System Players Software 49% (Issue 58, p92) Thje editing facility did provide me with more amusement than the actual game.
Skateboard Joust Silverbird Software Ltd 30% (Issue 63, p82) Very primitive graphics and minimal sound.
Skateboard Kidz Silverbird Software Ltd 68% (Issue 56, p21) A playable little game, although its lastability is doubtful.
Skate Crazy Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 83% (Issue 54, p16) An original approach to an old sport. The high content and variation make Skate Crazy extremely enjoyable and addictive.
Skate or Die Electronic Arts 54% (Issue 64, p14) Poor graphics, no sound and unexciting gameplay won't impress the betties.
Skatin' USA Atlantis Software Ltd 79% (Issue 74, p49) A fun little game that will keep you playing for some time.
Skelvullyn Twine 8th Day Software 83% (Issue 54, p51) Excellent presentation, a sensible parser, and plenty of action make for a compelling and polished product.
Ski Star 2000 Richard Shepherd Software Ltd 75% (Issue 14, p120) An adventurous idea, well executed and with marvelous redefinable characteristics. Should prove addictive to simulation/racer players.
Skool Daze Microsphere 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p10) Excellent value, plenty to do, addictive, unusual.
Skull Games Machine Ltd 70% (Issue 3, p28) A good maze game, with mixed feelings about its addictivity.
Skull & Crossbones Domark Ltd 73% (Issue 88, p44) A good conversion of an obscure coin-op but doesn't progress beyond previous beat-'em-ups.
Sky Fox Ariolasoft UK Ltd 84% (Issue 27, p29) A pretty hot action flight simulator.
Sky High Stuntman Code Masters Ltd 51% (Issue 91, p62) Five levels of high-flying simulation fun but it's all too simple and similar to be original.
Sky Ranger Microsphere 71% (Issue 12, p82) Above average for content, very good for graphics, perhaps a disappointment coming from Microsphere, but still a good flying game.
Sky Runner Cascade Games Ltd 64% (Issue 39, p108) An old idea rehashed with only the graphics offering anything really new, but resulting in an above average shoot 'em up.
Slaine, The Celtic Barbarian Martech Games Ltd 70% (Issue 48, p161) An enjoyable cross between adventure and reality.
Slap Fight Imagine Software Ltd 72% (Issue 43, p20) Above average, standard shoot-'em-up.
Slap Fight Imagine Software Ltd 41% (Issue 80, p47) A very run of the mill shoot-'em-up.
Slightly Magic Code Masters Ltd 78% (Issue 88, p43) If, like me, you can't get enough of this type of game, you won't be satisfied until you have a copy.
Sling Shot The Power House 34% (Issue 44, p18) Below-average game that might have been passable a couple of years ago.
Sly Spy Ocean Software Ltd 88% (Issue 78, p42) A thriller for all budding 90's heroes, packed with enjoyable gameplay.
Smashout!! Digital Image 11% (Issue 46, p133) A clone with little going for it.
Smash TV Ocean Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 94, p60) Fast, frantic and, above all, violent. Smash TV is simply a must-buy.
Snaffle Longman Software 75% (Issue 16, p32) A similar game to 'Scrabble' that has been transferred well to the computer.
Snapple Hopper Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 20, p84) Up to the usual high standard of Betty Root's programs.
Snapshot Scetlander (Issue 50, p73) An obvious stimulus for work on mapping skills.
Snoball in Hell Atlantis Software Ltd 54% (Issue 74, p49) 'The Ultimate Breakout Clone' would be a better title.
Snodgits! Creative Sparks 77% (Issue 30, p20) The sound is not the best in the world but the playability more than makes up for it.
Snookered Top Ten Software 59% (Issue 54, p21) A clever and addictive trivia game, although only for fans of the genre with a general knowledge interest.
Snowball Level 9 Computing Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 6, p73) A very good adventure that sets new standards in description and data compaction.
Snowman, The Quicksilva Ltd 78% (Issue 3, p82) Very good, addictive.
Snow Queen, The Mosaic Publishing Ltd 70% (Issue 23, p122) Most interesting.
Snow Strike US Gold Ltd 69% (Issue 83, p53) Not stuffed with action, but a playable flight game.
Soccer 7 Cult Games 48% (Issue 69, p48) Buy it if you dare!
Soccer Q Cult Games 35% (Issue 64, p28) A rather strange mixture of football management game and trivia quiz.
Soccer Star Cult Games 28% (Issue 63, p83) A sure candidate for relegation.
Sodov the Sorcerer Bug-Byte Software Ltd 74% (Issue 27, p132) Bug Byte have put new life an old game, especially at this price!
Soft & Cuddly The Power House 55% (Issue 44, p108) An everyday platform game with good graphics and a bizarrely morbid scenario.
Software Star Addictive Games Ltd 64% (Issue 15, p119) Interesting to play but the player does not have enough influence over such matters as the design of games.
Solar Empire Players Premier Software 60% (Issue 82, p56) Gameplay is essentially an eight-way scrolling shoot-'em-up but with a yucky 'intellectual aspect' thrown in.
Solar Invasion Mastertronic Ltd 71% (Issue 67, p13) Quite playable and averagely addictive.
Solar System, The Eaglesoft (Issue 15, p48) The layout of the program is neat though unspectacular.
Soldier of Fortune Firebird Software Ltd 70% (Issue 57, p24) Very unoriginal, though playable, platform and ladders game lacks lasting appeal.
Soldier of Light ACE Software 72% (Issue 54, p75) An enjoyable arcade shoot 'em up, with a few drawbacks.
Soldier of Light ACE Software 68% (Issue 69, p50) The graphics are okay, but the game is SO slow.
Solomon's Key US Gold Ltd 78% (Issue 45, p133) A simple but enjoyable arcade puzzle game.
Sonic Boom Activision Inc 59% (Issue 77, p43) An average shoot-'em-up only for insatiable addicts of the genre.
Son of Blagger Alligata Software Ltd 61% (Issue 13, p22) What should be an excellent and interesting game spoiled by poor pacing.
Sophistry CRL Group PLC 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 52, p84) A puzzling game, requiring quick and logical thinking, as well as a degree of risk. Its only infuriating fault is returning to the main menu after completing a screen.
Sorcerer Lord PSS 70% (Issue 49, p50) Interesting aspects, but try it out before investing.
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Adventure International 70% (Issue 12, p126) Good.
Sorcery Virgin Games Ltd 72% (Issue 4, p91) Good but lacking somewhere in the content to give it ever-lasting life.
Sorderon's Shadow Beyond Software 70% (Issue 23, p119) A biggie.
SOS Visions Software Factory 65% (Issue 8, p99) Generally considered the best version for the Spectrum of what is now an old game.
Souls Of Darkon Taskset Ltd 70% (Issue 24, p166) Some good features.
Southern Belle Hewson Consultants Ltd 84% (Issue 20, p15) A very well thought out and challenging simulation.
Space Art Eclipse Software (Issue 9, p102) An oddity and it does have limited application for the general user.
Space Command Virgin Games Ltd 63% (Issue 6, p109) Above average for those who like a very fast game.
Space Crusade Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 97, p58) An excellent conversion of the board game that'll keep you busy late into the night!
Space Detective Celerysoft 43% (Issue 30, p77) Poor.
Space Detective 2 Celerysoft 62% (Issue 64, p49) There are plenty of puzzles to solve, and completion is a challenge.
Spaced Out Firebird Software Ltd 38% (Issue 43, p15) An original concept which doesn't work.
Spacegun Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 96, p52) A whole spectrum of colours (pardon the pun) and non-stop shoot-'em-up action!
Space Harrier Elite Systems Ltd 77% (Issue 36, p28) A near miss.
Space Harrier Elite Systems Ltd 53% (Issue 74, p47) The continual blasting soon gets a bit boring.
Space Harrier 2 Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 74% (Issue 74, p43) A slicked up rehash of a reasonable original to turn on newcomers and revitalise ailing fans.
Space Professor Front Runner 73% (Issue 11, p150) An interesting educational program with rather more arcade content than usual.
Space Scan Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 15, p48) On the whole a useful package for getting the basics across.
Space Shuttle Microdeal 55% (Issue 4, p125) Lacks sufficient detail to be a real simulation, and lacks sufficient content to be better than average.
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space Activision Inc 78% (Issue 13, p126) An excellent space simulation with plenty of work to do, should appeal to simulation fans.
Space Station Zebra Beyond Software 35% (Issue 4, p82) Waste of money.
Space Wars, 3D Hewson Consultants Ltd 68% (Issue 1, p75) Good.
Spaghetti Western Simulator Zeppelin Games Ltd 68% (Issue 80, p43) A fun game when you get the hang of the controls.
Specdrum Cheetahsoft Ltd (Issue 27, p100) Easy to use and the sounds are certainly good studio quality.
Special Agent Heinemann/Hill MacGibbon (Issue 2, p98) This is an undoubtedly excellent package.
Special Agent Heinemann/Hill MacGibbon   (Issue 31, p80) An absorbing game full of learning opportunities. For the price, this package represents excellent value.
Special Delivery Creative Sparks 71% (Issue 11, p142) A novel and seasonal game that turns out to be well worth it.
Special Operations MC Lothlorien Ltd 60% (Issue 9, p69) Average.
Spectipede Mastertronic Ltd 72% (Issue 8, p46) We suspect a re-release, but if you haven't got a 'Centipede' type game in your collection, well worth its price.
Spectrealm Runesoft 74% (Issue 7, p44) Very good and worth its higher price.
Spectron Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 1, p18) A very good zap game.
Spectrum Safari A.J. Rushton 65% (Issue 5, p90) Unusual, entertaining and good value.
Spectune XORsoft (Issue 16, p60) Would appeal to both the total musical novice and the competent musician equally.
Speedboat Assassins Mastertronic Plus 57% (Issue 73, p46) Good fun for the first couple of plays, but you soon lose interest.
Speed Duel DK Tronics 56% (Issue 2, p100) Average.
Speed King 2 Mastertronic Ltd 42% (Issue 36, p188) There are plenty of better race games.
Spellbound Beyond Software 52% (Issue 6, p51) Interesting variation, but lacking playability due to programming.
Spellbound 48 Mastertronic Added Dimension 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p26) An outstanding game, especially for the money.
Spellbound Besieged Sulis Software Ltd (Issue 5, p66) For advanced and not so advanced spellers, but it does require some knowledge of words.
Spherical Rainbow Arts 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p67) Spherical is a great platform game well worth the paltry asking price.
Spike Firebird Software Ltd 61% (Issue 23, p31) Dated format, but pleasant all the same.
Spike in Transylvania Code Masters Ltd 82% (Issue 91, p58) Wonderfully attractive arcade adventure with puzzles a-plenty (and boards, for that matter)
Spiky Harold Firebird Software Ltd 65% (Issue 29, p31) Quite a fun game, for a while at least...
Spindizzy Electric Dreams Software 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p16) A very neat game - a very neat variant one the maze/mapping theme, brilliantly done.
Spitfire Encore 79% (Issue 72, p56) Not the least bit original, but there is some playability in zooming about shooting lots of big ships, try it out.
Spitfire '40 Mirrorsoft Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p34) An excellent simulation which should appeal to arcade players too.
Spitting Image Domark Ltd 64% (Issue 62, p64) Disappointing after the hilarious TV series.
Splat! Incentive Software Ltd 81.5% (Issue 1, p89) Highly recommended.
Splitting Images Domark Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 30, p18) A different, compelling and original game.
Spoof: The Magic Dragon Runesoft 60% (Issue 8, p74) Good.
Spooked Players Premier Software 86% (Issue 68, p49) The hangman game may seem simple, but here's betting you've never played it like this before!
Spooky Castle Atlantis Software Ltd 25% (Issue 83, p72) While the graphics are OK, control method and gameplay belong in the bottom of the barrel.
Spore Bulldog 67% (Issue 51, p110) Don't be put off by the simple display and control problems - Spore is very addictive.
Sporting Triangles CDS Microsystems 48% (Issue 72, p49) A mediocre conversion of a less than brilliant TV quiz and for sports fanatics only.
Sport of Kings Mastertronic Added Dimension 53% (Issue 31, p108) Not as polished as it could be, reasonable fun though.
Spy Hunter US Gold Ltd 89% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 16, p130) It may not have massive lasting appeal (although it is a good hi-score game), and it certainly isn't a thinking game, but loads of fun to play.
Spy Hunter US Gold Ltd 84% (Issue 64, p31) Many happy hours will be spent blowing up or ramming the myriad of enemy cars and speed boats.
Spyplane Gilsoft International 55% (Issue 4, p52) Overall, a very undemanding adventure.
Spy Trilogy Tartan Software 70% (Issue 29, p91) Good value.
Spy Trilogy Tartan Software 86% (Issue 94, p42) Both beginners and more experienced adventurers should find something to their liking here.
Spy vs. Spy Beyond Software 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 19, p24) An exciting and demanding game, should last for yonks.
Spy vs. Spy 2: The Island Caper Databyte 53% (Issue 41, p22) Spoiled by too many elements, the otherwise entertaining game only manages to be average, and a disappointing sequel.
Spy Who Loved Me, The Domark Ltd 79% (Issue 82, p49) Good Mr Bond, but not quite good enough to deserve an accolade.
Squirt David Todd Software 51% (Issue 25, p14) A simplistic game, but not a bad one at that.
Stack Up Zeppelin Games Ltd 80% (Issue 90, p43) Get a copy now and go blocking mad.
Staff of Power Zenobi Software 78% (Issue 98, p57) It won't appeal to everybody but should soon find it's niche in adventuredom.
Staff of Zaranol CCS 60% (Issue 12, p122) One of C.C.S.'s better games.
Stagecoach Creative Sparks 79% (Issue 8, p102) Good to very good, playable and reasonably addictive.
Stainless Steel Mikro-Gen Ltd 89% (Issue 32, p18) A slick shoot 'em up without too much depth.
Stalingrad CCS 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 55, p66) Another highly recommended game in the same mould as Blitzkrieg and Overlord.
Starbike The Edge Software 77% (Issue 10, p148) A very good shoot em up with a reasonable addictivity and very playable, a slight pity it's priced as highly.
Starblitz Softek Software International Ltd 88% (Issue 3, p22) An excellent version, highly addictive - is there any point anyone else doing a 'Defender' for the Spectrum?
Starclash Micromega 69% (Issue 2, p104) Above average type good shoot em up.
Star Control Accolade Inc 69% (Issue 86, p51) An appealing game for brainy sorts.
Star Farce Mastertronic Ltd 58% (Issue 61, p67) There's very little originality, but playability makes up for it.
Star Firebirds Insight Software 73% (Issue 21, p22) Dated, but a good game.
Starfox Reaktor 77% (Issue 43, p90) A good solid shoot-'em-up despite difficult controls.
Star Gazer Eclipse Software (Issue 16, p21) Should prove to be both fun and useful in an educational environment.
Starglider 128k Rainbird Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 36, p22) It's hard to imagine a better shoot em up.
Starglider 2 Rainbird Software Ltd 87% (Issue 68, p42) Fast graphics, huge depth of game and plot make this a worthy purchase.
Starglider 48k Rainbird Software Ltd 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 36, p22) It's hard to imagine a better shoot em up.
Starion Melbourne House 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 16, p18) An excellent game which combines arcade skills with nifty thinking and which could well be played by two on the same side as well as against each other.
Star Paws Software Projects Ltd 77% (Issue 51, p10) A delightfully cute and humorous game to play. With such addictive qualities, at only £2.99 it shouldn't be missed!
Star Pilot Firebird Software Ltd 65% (Issue 48, p171) The sluggish two-player mode apart, Star Pilot is a decent, unremarkable shoot-'em-up. Bym's Smash rating dragged it up from the 50s.
Starquake Bubble Bus Software 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 22, p10) One of the best Spectrum games currently available.
Starquake Bubble Bus Software 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 56, p86) Colourful graphics and incredibly complex gameplay.
Star Raiders 2 Electric Dreams Software 52% (Issue 40, p113) A dated arcade conversion of the 'left, right and fire' variety.
Star Runner Code Masters Ltd 50% (Issue 41, p31) A race against time that goes nowhere in particular.
Star Seeker Solar System Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 38, p47) All you ever wanted to know about the night sky.
Starsphere Eclipse Software (Issue 15, p48) Can plot 355 stars in 45 constellations.
Starstrike, 3D Realtime Games Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p20) Excellent, addictive, playable and good value.
Starstrike 2, 3D Realtime Games Software Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 28, p20) A brilliant game.
Starter Wordsplits Sulis Software Ltd (Issue 33, p49) Useful in a limited way, but rather unimaginative.
Star Trade Digital Dexterity 55% (Issue 3, p52) Above average.
Star Trader Bug-Byte Software Ltd 66% (Issue 7, p36) Above average.
Star Warrior Visions Software Factory 68% (Issue 4, p38) Above average to good.
Star Wars Domark Ltd 84% (Issue 48, p163) A long-awaited official conversion that's very playable but improves little on Starstrike and others of the genre; still, two reviewers Smashed it.
Star Wars Domark Ltd 69% (Issue 83, p67) You can get plenty of enjoyment from this.
Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Back Domark Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 54, p22) Domark go from strength to strength. The Empire Strikes Back has all the speed, playability and graphics of the arcade machine. A must for all fans of the trilogy.
Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Back Domark Ltd 78% (Issue 84, p72) A great game for all fans of 'Star Wars' and blasting games.
Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi Domark Ltd 86% (Issue 61, p60) A very good conversion of the popular coin-op.
Star Wreck Alternative Software Ltd 73% (Issue 44, p68) Surprisingly amusing.
Stay Kool Bug-Byte Software Ltd 59% (Issue 15, p41) An average platform style game with little to offer over other versions.
St. Crippens Sparklers 72% (Issue 20, p22) A simple but very witty game.
St. Dragon Storm Software 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 82, p46) An outstanding conversion of the Jaleco coin-op - must be seen to be believed.
Steve Davis Snooker CDS Microsystems 77% (Issue 12, p187) A very good, user-friendly simulation, which (possibly for the first time) really calls on skill.
STI (Search for Terrestrial Intelligence) Bug-Byte Software Ltd 80% (Issue 50, p81) An example of how original presentation can transform an above-average game into an excellent one.
Stifflip & Co Palace Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 44, p102) An excellent joke on the clichés of the British Empire with loads of addictive playability.
Stifflip & Co Palace Software 80% (Issue 75, p48) A spiffingly good romp.
Stir Crazy featuring Bobo Infogrames 63% (Issue 72, p50) Comic capers do not a game make: adieu Bobo...
Stock Market CCS (Issue 48, p54) An interesting insight into the volatile dealings of the stock market.
Stonkers Imagine Software Ltd 78% (Issue 2, p102) Excellent battle game which manages to be very addictive.
Stop Ball Dro Soft 17% (Issue 56, p13) Whacking a ball around the screen with a bat won't strain anyone's intellectual capacity.
Stop the Express Sinclair Research Ltd 80% (Issue 6, p49) Amusing, fun, hard and reasonably addictive.
Storm Mastertronic Ltd 44% (Issue 34, p20) A budget Gauntlet variant that doesn't quite come off.
Storm Bringer 128 Mastertronic Added Dimension 86% (Issue 42, p16) Nick and Robin gave it just over 90 percent; Mark thought lower because it added little new or more challenging to the last Magic Knight game.
Storm Bringer 48 Mastertronic Added Dimension 86% (Issue 42, p16) Nick and Robin gave it just over 90 percent; Mark thought lower because it added little new or more challenging to the last Magic Knight game.
Stormlord Hewson Consultants Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 64, p84) Raf Cecco does it again, the best looking game for ages and extremely playable too.
Stormlord 2: Deliverance Hewson Consultants Ltd 85% (Issue 78, p44) Stormlord returns - action packed, but tough.
Storymaker Arnold Wheaton Software (Issue 34, p59) A useful program which lays the basis for structured creative writing.
Strangeloop Virgin Games Ltd 86% (Issue 9, p100) An involved and involving game, with plenty of playability and challenge.
Streaker Bulldog 38% (Issue 44, p30) A rather unplayable arcade adventure.
Street Cred Football Players Premier Software 58% (Issue 66, p45) Just a pity there isn't more playability.
Street Fighter Go! 69% (Issue 53, p12) Well converted, but too easy to be of any lasting interest.
Street Gang Players Software 24% (Issue 63, p82) About as eventful as a monks' wife-swapping party.
Street Gang Football Code Masters Ltd 78% (Issue 64, p29) If you haven't already got 4 Soccer Simulators take a look.
Street Hassle Melbourne House 75% (Issue 49, p26) A beat-'em-up with plenty of variation and a Pythonesque sense of humour.
Street Hassle Melbourne House 75% (Issue 74, p46) All beat-'em-up fans will enjoy this.
Street Hawk Ocean Software Ltd 68% (Issue 34, p31) Fun for a while, but nothing innovative here despite the wait.
Street Sports Basketball US Gold Ltd 49% (Issue 54, p85) Initially exciting, but the game lacks all of the presentation's sparkle - real fans will be disappointed.
Strider US Gold Ltd 77% (Issue 69, p46) Mixed opinions, but should appeal to arcadesters who enjoy buckling their swash.
Strider 2 US Gold Ltd 78% (Issue 83, p71) Tough but playable - a treat for arcade addicts!
Strike! Mastertronic Added Dimension 40% (Issue 41, p26) A disappointing simulation which has opted for the obvious, to its own cost.
Strike Attack 2 Micro-Mart Software 47% (Issue 10, p147) For aircraft addicts only.
Strike Force Cobra Piranha 83% (Issue 33, p28) Complicated, and tricky to get into but well worth the effort.
Strike Force Harrier Mirrorsoft Ltd 83% (Issue 33, p120) A flight sim with plenty to do - rather more demanding than most.
Striker Manager Cult Games 25% (Issue 92, p65) A tedious game lacking anything to keep you playing beyond your first go.
Strontium Dog: The Killing Quicksilva Ltd 42% (Issue 13, p122) Poor.
S.T.U.N. Runner Domark Ltd 29% (Issue 85, p55) One of Domark's rare turkeys, fans of the coin-op and anyone else should steer well clear.
Stunt Bike Simulator Silverbird Software Ltd 55% (Issue 55, p103) An uninspired simulator that won't breathe life into more than a few hours of play.
Stunt Car Racer Micro Style 87% (Issue 72, p54) A stomach churning ride: fun, playable and a great original idea.
Stunt Car Racer Micro Style 84% (Issue 98, p78) Stick a large saucepan on yer bonce and buy this today!
Subbuteo Football Electronic Zoo 54% (Issue 83, p68) Fans of the board game are advised to stick with the original.
Sub Chase Gem Software 48.5% (Issue 1, p35) Fair for addicts, good for children.
Sub Hunter Micro-Mart Software 58% (Issue 10, p150) Interesting simulation game, would improve if written in M/C. Fairly high price for Basic program.
Submarine Strike Pulsonic 49% (Issue 5, p19) Average.
Subsunk Firebird Software Ltd 75% (Issue 18, p102) Quite good.
Subterranean Nightmare Americana Software Ltd 56% (Issue 31, p15) Might appeal to a hardened platform game addict.
Subterranean Stryker Insight Software 62% (Issue 14, p24) A game of excellent promise that proves low on playability (and therefore addictivity) because of the difficulty level.
Subway Vigilante Players Premier Software 57% (Issue 66, p45) Only get this if you are a real fan of beat-'em-up.
Suicide Island Dollarsoft 20% (Issue 9, p68) Awful.
Summer Santa Alpha-Omega Software 31% (Issue 32, p24) Well below average, even for a budget game.
Sum Scruncher Longman Software (Issue 22, p85) Children are unlikely to want to play it again and again.
Sunflower Number Show, The Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 21, p91) This program fails to make use of the potential of the micro as a teaching aid, and does not help the player towards a concept of number.
Sun Star CRL Group PLC 30% (Issue 45, p131) An imaginative idea for a shoot-'em-up, but uninteresting gameplay and graphics.
Superbowl Ocean Software Ltd 85% (Issue 29, p34) An excellent simulation that should be very well received by American Football fans but may not be that appealing to the general gameplayer.
Super Brat Atlantis Software Ltd 72% (Issue 20, p40) Very good for the price.
Super Cars Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 77% (Issue 84, p79) A reasonable racing game overshadowed by its garage mate Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.
Super Chess v3.5 CP Software 85% (Issue 16, p29) A superb implementation, well thought out and easy to use. A must for those that want to play chess with their Spectrum.
Supercom Atlantis Software Ltd 21% (Issue 28, p24) If you don't like the System 15000 type strategy/hacking game, then it's boring!
Supercom Atlantis Software Ltd 86% (Issue 28, p24) If you like the System 15000 type strategy/hacking game, then it's very good value for money.
Supercom Atlantis Software Ltd (Issue 33, p50) This is a very cheap little program which represents very good value for money. It would be enjoyed by older children and adults.
Super Cycle US Gold Ltd 63% (Issue 37, p33) A disappointingly poor racing game.
Super Cycle US Gold Ltd 53% (Issue 64, p31) A fairly nice looking game, spoilt by being too easy with lousy collision detection.
Super Dragon Slayer Code Masters Ltd 57% (Issue 65, p14) Not so super on graphics, sound or gameplay in a budget look at full-price.
Super G-Man Code Masters Ltd 43% (Issue 43, p91) A weak and uninteresting Jetman variant.
Super Gran Tynesoft 43% (Issue 18, p40) Waste of money.
Super Hang-On Electric Dreams Software 85% (Issue 49, p11) Not quite up to Enduro Racer, but a superb and challenging coin-op conversion.
Super Hero Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 58, p26) This, despite graphically resembling almost every other arcade strategy game in existence, is certainly playable.
Super Heroes Domark Ltd 84% (Issue 95, p60) Last Ninja 2 - The Spy Who Loved Me - Strider II - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Superkid Atlantis Software Ltd 73% (Issue 67, p43) A fun little game with nicely coloured graphics and jolly sound.
Superkid in Space Atlantis Software Ltd 80% (Issue 80, p44) One you just have to have: intergalactic fun all the way.
Superman: The Man of Steel Tynesoft 35% (Issue 63, p80) There's nothing at all super about it.
Super Monaco GP US Gold Ltd 74% (Issue 88, p40) No vast improvements over other race games, but a good conversion of the arcade machine.
Super Mutt Silversoft Ltd 83% (Issue 10, p22) Very good to excellent.
Super Nova Players Software 65% (Issue 46, p130) A refined, if slightly dated, puzzle game.
Super Nudge 2000 Fruit Machine Simulator  Mastertronic Ltd 65% (Issue 64, p29) I think this will be relegated to the sogtware cupboard.
Super Pipeline 2 Taskset Ltd 79% (Issue 18, p114) A conversion which suffers in comparison, but a tough and addictive game nonetheless.
Super-Power CCS (Issue 14, p126) It may not be anything spectacular to look at, but it is intelligent and thought-provoking.
Super-Power CCS (Issue 40, p105) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Super Robin Hood Code Masters Ltd 52% (Issue 41, p24) Some mixed feelings, but reasonably entertaining for a short while, no long lasting appeal and certainly nothing new.
Super Sam Budgie Budget Software 42% (Issue 21, p40) Because of the low price - fair(ish).
Super Scramble Simulator Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 66, p39) Super little game, with all the fun of scrambling and no dirty trousers.
Super Sim Pack US Gold Ltd 80% (Issue 93, p64) Individually average thrills compiled into a worthwhile job lot.
Supersnails Games Machine Ltd 63% (Issue 2, p15) Above average to good, addictive.
Super Soccer Imagine Software Ltd 56% (Issue 37, p112) Potentially a good football simulator, but falls down owing to too many inconsistencies.
Super Space Invaders Domark Ltd 72% (Issue 95, p64) A cleverly updated version of an arcade classic but not quite up to Nineties' standards.
Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 79% (Issue 59, p13) Not to be taken too seriously, but a whacky relief from the cut-throat world of the real Olympics.
Super Sprint Electric Dreams Software 58% (Issue 46, p137) Supersprint is a reasonable conversion, but it lacks the excitement of the arcade race.
Super Stock Car Mastertronic Plus 59% (Issue 80, p43) Very basic car racing which won't keep anyone playing for long.
Super Stuntman Code Masters Ltd 53% (Issue 49, p28) Average Spy Hunter clone which provides a thrill or two.
Super Tank Simulator Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 69, p50) With its aerial view of the action, is almost guaranteed to be a sure fire hit.
Super Trolley Mastertronic Ltd 54% (Issue 52, p14) A clever and original game design, but badly programmed. It just proves that Jim can't Fix everything.
Supertrux Elite Systems Ltd 52% (Issue 63, p76) A run-of-the-mill race game.
Super Wonderboy in Monsterland Activision Inc 88% (Issue 71, p67) Cutesy, playable and addictive platform game, with fast combat elements.
Surf Champ New Concepts Ltd 64% (Issue 27, p125) An interesting sports simulation if you're not put off before you start.
Survival Macmillan Software Ltd/ 
Sinclair Research Ltd 
70% (Issue 24, p137) An interesting and enjoyable program which can be used to reinforce learning, or on a self-discovery basis.
Survivor Topo Soft 70% (Issue 44, p21) An enjoyable, recommended game.
Survivors, The Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 37, p122) A good variation on the Boulderdash theme with puzzle overtones.
Sweevo's World Gargoyle Games 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p28) A novel and humorous approach to the Ultimate style of game.
Sweevo's World Gargoyle Games 66% (Issue 56, p88) If you're addicted to 3-D adventures, you may give this a chance.
Switch-Blade Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 81% (Issue 86, p45) An absorbing arcade adventure with plenty to see and do.
SWIV Storm Software 83% (Issue 87, p50) A spectacular two-player blaster (if you've got a chum), not so sizzling as a one-player game.
Sword and Shield, The Power House 35% (Issue 31, p50) Very mediocre.
Swords and Sorcery PSS 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p162) Ambitious and outstanding addition to the games playing world.
Swords of Bane CCS 77% (Issue 35, p125) A fair product, interesting and unpretentious.
Sydney Affair, The Infogrames 86% (Issue 40, p50) Good.
Syntax Blue Ribbon Software 45% (Issue 68, p49) You might get some enjoyment out of this if you are a glutton for punishment.
System 15000 Craig Communications Ltd 70% (Issue 16, p117) Good and original.
System 3 Pack US Gold Ltd 78% (Issue 89, p31) Vendetta - Myth - Tusker - IK+.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum